House Approves Shutdown-Averting Omnibus Spending Bill

Senate expected to vote Thursday.

The House on Wednesday approved 309-118 a negotiated agreement to fund agencies through September, sending the measure to the Senate for approval ahead of the looming shutdown threat.

Lawmakers announced the omnibus appropriations deal, which would set spending levels on a line-by-line basis across government through the final five months of fiscal 2017, on Monday. The Senate now has through Friday to send the bill to President Trump for his signature. Lawmakers acted last week to avoid an initial shutdown deadline and give themselves an extra week to finalize the deal. 

The White House has indicated Trump would sign the measure, despite Democrats claiming victory due to a lack of funding for several key Trump priorities. The bill also does not make dramatic cuts to domestic agency spending, as the administration had requested. Still, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said he has “every expectation” Trump would sign the agreement. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has briefed reporters three separate times since the omnibus deal was announced to detail the White House priorities that were supported by the bill.

Senate leaders said Wednesday they expect to vote on the funding bill Thursday. For more details on the bill, click here