Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Flickr

How Would a President Clinton or President Trump Manage the Federal Workforce?

We have answers.

For most Americans, electing a new president comes down to casting a vote for the person best suited to ensure the security and prosperity of the nation. Federal employees are no different. But unlike most Americans, federal employees will also be voting for a new boss. What kind of manager would Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be? How would each candidate make important decisions? What experiences have shaped their thinking and leadership styles? How would they lead the vast federal bureaucracy—2.8 million civil servants and 1.3 million active duty personnel—to achieve their policy objectives? These are just some of the questions Government Executive’s Charles S. Clark and Eric Katz explore in the following profiles of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The Wonk in Chief: Hillary Clinton’s leadership style combines feminism with a view that government can accomplish great things.

The Dealmaker in Chief: Donald Trump has big plans for the nation, but it would take a big government to carry them out—even after ridding agencies of "stupid people."