A Secret Service officer stands guard in October.

A Secret Service officer stands guard in October. Carolyn Kaster/AP file photo

Secret Service Officers Crashed Into a White House Barricade Last Week

The agents were reportedly driving drunk from a retirement party for an outgoing agency spokesman.

The Secret Service is trapped in a very unfortunate game of "But wait! There's more!" with The Washington Post.

The Post reports that two senior officers drove a government car into the White House security barricades on March 4. The officers, including an agent who is second-in-command on President Obama's security detail, were reportedly intoxicated and had left a retirement party for outgoing agency spokesman Ed Donovan.

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general is investigating the incident.

The Post reports that officers on duty who witnessed the crash wanted to arrest the agents and run sobriety tests but were asked to step aside by an on-duty supervisor who sent the intoxicated agents home.

This is, of course, the latest in a string of bad news for the elite protection agency. Just last month, Obama appointed a new Secret Service chief in hopes of turning things around. That came after former Director Julia Pierson and other top officials resigned after someone jumped the White House fence and made it inside the Executive Mansion before he was stopped. Looks like damage control comes early for new Director Joseph Clancy.

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