Singer Lady Gaga performs in Newark, NJ.

Singer Lady Gaga performs in Newark, NJ. Evan Agostini/AP File Photo

Navy Officials Accused of Taking Cash, Hookers and Lady Gaga Tickets

Gifts allegedly came in exchange for information that led to contractor overcharging.

The Washington Post's Craig Whitlock reports Michael Misiewicz, former commander of the USS Mustin, John B. Beliveau II, a onetime NCIS agent of the year, Leonard Glenn Francis, the CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia, and another official with the defense contractor were all arrested on corruption charges last month as part of an ongoing investigation alleging they provided special information about deployments, and occasionally directed Naval ships to ports where the company has outposts set up.

The Navy alleges Glenn Defense Marine used the information to overcharge Navy ships for parts and services. The extent of the fraud is unclear right now, but court documents "cite a handful of episodes that alone exceeded $10 million," Whitlock reports. The Navy terminated three contracts with the company worth $200 million last month.

The investigation into the extent of the corruption continues, with other naval officials already being targeted by authorities. Those involved already are accused of taking cash, hotel rooms, plane tickets and prostitutes on multiple occasions, all supplied by Francis. 

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