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The 5 Agencies with the WORST Leadership in Government

These agencies are reported to have the least effective leadership in government.

Last week, Government Executive reported that federal employees are losing faith in agency leadership. The Partnership for Public Service, a non-profit that has compiled data on the best places to work in government since 2003, recently reported that 2012 scores showed effective agency leadership dropping for the first time in nine years. The Partnership’s new analysis, based on data culled from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS), showed that feds gave effective leadership across the federal government a score of 52.8 out of 100 points.

The results were broken down by three major categories:

Below are the five large, mid-size and small agencies with the worst ratings for effective leadership, according to the 2012 Best Places to Work index. All scores are out of a possible 100.

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Worst Five Small Agencies

  1. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (35.7)
  2. Federal Maritime Commission (36.1)
  3. Federal Election Commission (47.1)
  4. Export-Import Bank of the United States (47.5)
  5. Federal Housing Finance Agency (47.5)

Worst Five Mid-Size Agencies

  1. Broadcasting Board of Governors (42.2)
  2. National Archives and Records Administration (47.9)
  3. Securities and Exchange Commission (48.7)
  4. National Labor Relations Board (49.2)
  5. Department of Housing and Urban Development (50.0)

Worst Five Large Agencies

  1. Department of Homeland Security (45.7)
  2. Department of Veterans Affairs (47.5)
  3. Department of Labor (50.7)
  4. Department of Agriculture (50.7)
  5. Department of the Interior (52.5)

Read more about the dip in federal leadership and visit to see how your agency performed. 

Do you agree with this year's rankings on leadership? 

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