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Federal Employees: Santa's Little Helpers?


In a new video called " Public Elves ," the watchdog group OMB Watch says Santa has some helpers that many Americans might not notice this holiday season: federal employees.

"The holidays are a time to lift up what's important in life," says the video. "For celebrating friends and family and fellowship. During this holiday season, let's remember the people working behind the scenes to keep you safe and healthy." Among the ways feds assist in holiday revelry, according to OMB Watch:

  • "Air traffic controllers ensure our planes land safely."
  • "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau makes sure you won't find any hidden charges on your credit card bills."
  • "Federal food inspectors keep our food supply among the safest in the world."
  • "The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps risky toys out of your home."

Not everyone shares the Kris Kringle view of feds this holiday season. The Reason Foundation's Nick Gillespie called OMB Watch's short film "the absolute worst holiday video since Santa Claus Conquers the Martians ."

Watch for yourself and make up your own mind:

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