The Worst Kind of Medical Debt

When treated at military hospitals, civilians can end up with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that the federal government relentlessly tries to collect.

I Asked People Why They Don’t Vote, and This Is What They Told Me

In the 2016 election, more than a third of Americans didn't vote. What might be keeping them from going to the polls?

Ageism Can Shorten Life Expectancy

Ageism can have real consequences for the health of older people, including shorter life expectancy and reduced access to health care, researchers say.

A Navy Scandal Sheds Light on the Nature of Bribery and the Limits of Free Speech

A massive scandal implicating senior US Navy officers highlights what bribery is and how it happens. A law and ethics scholar at the U.S. Naval Academy can't say much more than that, though.

Why Bosses Should Let Employees Surf the Web at Work

Employers tend to see "cyberloafing" as a waste of time, but a new study suggests it serves an important function for workers.

Bipartisan Bill Would Ban Reverse Auctions for Federal Construction Contracts

House lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday similar to a Senate measure passed in December.

The Civil Servant Who Changes the Constitution

One federal employee will determine whether the ERA gets added to America’s founding document—the question is which authority he’ll turn to for guidance.

Lawmakers Demand Answers on Alleged EPA Ethics Violations

House overseers say they found multiple instances in which officials flouted required ethics pledges and other disclosures.

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Defense Pledges to Do a Better Job of Sharing Security Information With Overseas Contractors 

The State Department has yet to respond to an industry association letter expressing concern over contractor safety. 

U.S. Army Cancels $45B Armored Vehicle Contest That Drew One Bid

The service now plans to reboot its effort to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, but with different bidding parameters.

Senate Passes Bill to Provide Higher Pay to VA Execs

Measure also prevents department from having to collect compensation it already paid out.

Trump Says U.S. Is Ready for War. Not All His Troops Are So Sure.

A series of accidents calls the military’s preparedness into question.

Eleven U.S. Troops Were Injured in Jan. 8 Iran Missile Strike

The troops were medevaced this week to Germany and Kuwait to be treated for traumatic brain injury after experiencing concussion symptoms.

Energy Dept. Hatch Act Violator Agrees to Resign and Leave Government for at Least 3 Years 

The employee gave a congressional candidate special access to a radioactive waste treatment plant despite warnings this would violate ban on political activity while working. 

The Index: 2020 Edition

A guide to the most important and relevant Retirement Planning columns of the past 14 years.