The Administration Rushed on a Sweeping Immigration Policy and Made Substantive, Sloppy Mistakes

Trump’s new immigration policy applies more harshly to families of U.S. citizens in the military than to families of noncitizens in the military. Experts think it’s an error that suggests officials are pushing policies even they don’t fully understand.

Sanders Campaign Proposes Granting Feds the Right to Strike

Workforce, labor experts suggest there may be better ways to improve federal employees’s bargaining rights.

North Carolina Sheriffs Win a Round Against ICE

Republican lawmakers had sought to make counties help enforce immigration law.

Analysis: New Trump Rules Stand to Block the Public From Information About the Treatment of Detained Migrant Children

The administration plans to scrap the Flores settlement, meaning the long-term or indefinite detention of migrant children will carry on out of public view.

White House Backs Down in Fight Over Foreign Aid Spending Cuts

The move would have raised legal questions and disrupted negotiations over governmentwide funding.

People Don’t Always Behave Rationally—Agencies are Learning to Plan for That

Officials are increasingly leveraging the power of behavioral science to enhance program performance.

How Amazon and Silicon Valley Seduced the Pentagon

Tech moguls like Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt have gotten unprecedented access to the Pentagon. And one whistleblower who raised flags has paid the price.

The A-10 Warthog Is Sticking Around for At Least Another Decade

After years of trying to retire the much-in-demand attack jet, the Air Force is putting new wings on 112 more planes.

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Trump Threatens to ‘Release’ ISIS Fighters into France, Germany

The president wants European governments to repatriate and try citizens being held by Syrian resistance forces.

5 Indicted for Alleged Scheme to Steal Millions From Military Members and Veterans

Potential victims of fraud and identity theft will be notified, and Defense will provide free credit monitoring services.

Union Files Grievance After VA Bans Employees From Smoking at Work

VA says new policy will improve care for veterans, but employees say it violates their contract.

Defense Department Inaction Is Hurting Effort to Improve Pentagon Efficiency

Officials are nearly two years late in meeting some congressional requirements, a watchdog found.

U.S. Army: No Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Yet

“We have not received any direction to do anything at this point,” says Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.

Some of the Country’s Worst Prisons Have Escaped Justice Department Action

Prisons in Alabama are so bad, the Department of Justice said they violate Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment. We found prisons in Mississippi that may be even worse.