The Marines Are Looking for a Few Older People

The Corps’ shift to a lighter, distributed force requires skills and judgment that may be easier to recruit than build, training chief says.

How ‘Engagement’ Makes You Vulnerable to Manipulation and Misinformation on Social Media

You have evolved to tap into the wisdom of the crowds. But on social media your cognitive biases can lead you astray.

Biden Administration Details Who Is Covered By the Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate, Exemptions and Discipline

Update released Thursday notes that the requirement holds for all federal employees regardless of whether they are working in the office. 

An ‘Urgent Request’ for Feds to Help with the Afghan Resettlement Process

The Mosaic Muslim Federal Employee Association is looking for native or fluent Dari and Pashto speakers. 

Coronavirus Roundup: NIH Invests in Long-COVID Research; Vaccine Updates

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

Milley’s China Calls During Trump Defeat Were ‘Lawful,’ Conveyed Reassurance, Pentagon Says

Some Republicans are seeking his ouster, but the Joint Chiefs chairman is the first to serve a guaranteed four years.

Government Hall of Fame Inductees To Be Unveiled Next Week

Honorees in the annual Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards will also be unveiled before a virtual gala in October.

What’s the Law on Vaccine Exemptions? A Religious Liberty Expert Explains

Plenty of groups are offering religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but their legal basis isn’t as rock-solid as that might suggest.

The Counterterror War That America Is Winning

The United States has centered its efforts on invasions and insurgencies. But another campaign appears to be having greater success.

GovExec Daily: Tech Acquisition Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Todd Gustafson of HP Federal and An Nguyen of NCS Technologies join the podcast to discuss IT priorities for government.

Republican Senators Look to Make CDC Director a Senate-Confirmed Position

The job has been subject to much attention and scrutiny over the past almost two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Drops Lawsuit Protesting Postal Service Fleet Contract

The smaller manufacturer that lost to a defense contractor isn't ruling out seeking future business from the Postal Service.

Five Ways 9/11 Changed the Defense Industry

More outsourcing, more services contracts, more generals on corporate boards—and that's just for starters.