Hackers Find Scores of Vulnerabilities in Marine Corps Websites

The Pentagon’s latest bug-bounty contest continues a successful run of hack-the-military efforts.

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Three Critical Priorities In the President’s Reform Plan

Excellence in Government

Whatever happens with specific proposals, federal leaders should focus on these high return components.

Play of the Day: Omarosa Tells -- And Records -- All

The former reality TV star and White House staffer is making the rounds.


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HHS Deleted Refugee Office Staff Directory, Transparency Group Finds

Removal may have hindered media covering family separations at the border.

Russian Military Spy Software Is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

In May, the Justice Department told Americans to reboot their routers. But there's more to do — and NSA says it's up to device makers and the public.

Feds Don’t Think a 1.9 Percent Pay Raise Would Be Enough to Attract Talent

Although uncertainty surrounds whether workers will receive a raise next year, "It’s better than nothing," one employee quipped in response to a poll.

How Big a Deal Are the Governmentwide Hiring Reforms That Trump Just Signed Into Law?

Workforce observers praise the reforms, but caution they’re not a "panacea."

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is one of the Republican lawmakers who wrote a letter to the White House detailing concerns about the small investigative agency.

House Republicans Urge White House to Stabilize Chemical Safety Board

Letter warns that bad behavior is a risk since vacancy-plagued agency’s chair resigned.

Excellence in Government

Key Questions for Regulators in an Era of Fast Technological Change

Agencies can no longer craft rules slowly and deliberately, and then expect to keep the results in place for decades.

As D.C. Feds Face Nightmare Commute, OPM Urges Telework and Other 'Flexibilities'

Transit officials have urged customers to use Metro only if they “have no other option.”

Excellence in Government

A Focus On Goals Rather Than Behavior Is Creating Workplace Monsters

Effective organizations encourage self-control, good process, proper discussion and are more driven by growth mindsets than unrealistic performance metrics.

GSA Isn't Tracking All of the Federal Government's Unused Leased Office Space

Unused space that goes unreported costs taxpayers $21 million yearly, watchdog says.

Play of the Day: Steven Seagal's Latest Role

The actor will be an envoy for the Russian government to the U.S.