City tackles first responders’ opioid compassion fatigue

When physically and emotionally exhausted emergency personnel started saying, “Let them die.” Officials in Huntington, West Virginia, knew they had a problem. They also had a solution.

NSF to issue framework addressing national security implications of sensitive research

The agency’s director noted that the TRUST framework — based on recommendations made in a recent advisory group report — will be unveiled “in the coming months.”

VA is already using AI to identify and assist veterans in crisis, officials say

The use of AI capabilities to review the agency’s surveys to veterans has helped save a couple thousand lives and helped another couple thousand retired servicemembers receive housing, according to VA’s chief veterans experience officer.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 153: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 2: China and the Indo-Pacific

Why is the region in the middle of an arms race? And what do analysts think China is really spending on its military?

Labor Department debuts website for migrant workers in 6 new languages

“Our mandate includes protecting the rights of all workers,” a department official told reporters this week.

OPM announces new 'safe leave' for domestic violence victims

Federal workers may now take paid leave to address issues related to their or a family member’s safety or to recover from domestic violence, abuse or harassment, under new guidance from the government’s dedicated HR agency.

Kill the zombie Space National Guard idea

COMMENTARY | Guardsmen in space-related jobs belong in the Space Force.

SAIC challenges Army's $60M award to HII Mission Technologies

Incumbent contractor alleges flaws in the Army's cost evaluation, technical proposal assessment, and best-value trade-off analysis.

Congress is already clashing on FY25 funding as House proposes big cuts

Republicans are looking to ignore a deal Biden struck with them last year, while Democrats are seeking increases for federal agencies.

Progressives launch campaign to get upstate cities to opt in to ‘good cause’ law

The state budget’s “good cause” eviction protections only apply automatically to tenants in New York City, but other cities can choose to opt in to the regulations.

The Biden administration seeks to speed up some asylum cases with a new immigration docket

Homeland Security and DOJ announced a similar process in 2021 where a dedicated docket applied to migrant families that arrived between ports of entry at the Southwest border.

Clean needles save lives. In some states, they might not be legal.

In Pennsylvania, where 5,158 people died from a drug overdose in 2022, the state’s drug paraphernalia law stands in the way of harm reduction programs that distribute sterile syringes.

ICE might be incorrectly measuring its resources needs, GAO says

A new GAO report found that the office responsible for managing ICE’s budget had a staff vacancy rate of 25% in fiscal 2023.

How AI can lead the fight against cyber threats

With threats rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential to revolutionize cybersecurity defenses, Janet Rathod from Citi and Bishop Garrison of the INSA write.