Surge in Coronavirus Cases Raises New Questions About Agencies' Office Reopenings

Return of employees at the Defense Department has corresponded with a 35% spike in cases there.

South Texas Landowners Are Hoping to Use President Trump's Own Words Against Him in a New Border Wall Lawsuit

Landowners are alleging that the construction of the barrier is driven by little more than racism and politics and is therefore unconstitutional, according to a new lawsuit.

Supreme Court Upholds American Indian Treaty Promises, Orders Oklahoma To Follow Federal Law

Land in what is now eastern Oklahoma, which was granted to the Creek Nation by Congress in 1833, is still under tribal sovereignty, the Supreme Court ruled.

Top U.S. General Slams Confederacy As ‘Treason’, Signals Support For Base Renaming

“Those generals fought for the institution of slavery,” Gen. Mark Milley told a House hearing.

Digital Contact Tracing’s Mixed Record Abroad Spells Trouble for U.S. Efforts to Rein in COVID-19

Effective national leadership and trust in government appear to be prerequisites for countries to achieve widespread digital contact tracing.

GovExec Daily: The OPM-GSA Merger and the Threat to the Civil Service

POGO's Nick Schwellenbach joined the podcast to discuss a recent investigation that found that the Trump administration "could not lawfully" go forward with the merger.

Labor Agency Changes Organizational Chart to Bolster Court Defense

Attorneys for a union challenging how members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel are appointed called recent changes to the Federal Labor Relations Authority website a “cynical” effort to influence the case.

Myths, Misunderstandings and Managing Your Money

A look back at some important columns you might’ve missed from earlier this year.

Meet the Researcher Leading NIH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Development Efforts

A conversation with Dr. John Mascola, director of the vaccine research center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Why Is the COVID-19 Death Rate Down?

The gap between soaring cases and falling deaths is being weaponized by the right to claim a hollow victory in the face of shameless failure. What’s really going on?

This Is Not a Normal Mental-Health Disaster

If SARS is any lesson, the psychological effects of the novel coronavirus will long outlast the pandemic itself.

Army Was Reviewing More Than Confederate Base Names, Officials Reveal

Among the potential friction points eyed were Army National Guard units with nicknames honoring Confederate leaders.