Military Families Push the Army to ‘Normalize Parenthood’

A new directive addresses fertility treatment, pregnancy and postpartum recovery – issues that have long affected soldiers’ careers, marriages and home life.

GovExec Daily: Former Operation Warp Speed Official Says It Was 'a Model' For Public-Private Partnerships

Courtney Bublé talks to Paul Mango on the podcast about the vaccine development program.

Why Won’t More Older Americans Get Their COVID Booster?

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans 65 and older who completed their initial vaccination round still have not received a first booster shot. The numbers dismay researchers, who say the lag has cost tens of thousands of lives.

Army Suicide Numbers for 2022 are ‘Significantly Lower,’ Army Secretary Says

A proposed $99 million gym in Alaska is at the top of the service chief's unfunded priorities list.

Congress’ Plan For Ukraine Aid Surpasses the White House Request by $7B

Lawmakers boosted funds for replenishing American weapons’ stocks and supporting European Command operations.

ICE Has Assembled a 'Surveillance Dragnet' with Facial Recognition and Data, Report Says

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has used facial recognition to search through the driver's license photos of one in three adults in the U.S., according to a new report by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology.

Lockheed Secretly Worked to Block Airbus’ Influence in Washington—While Teaming on a Major Pentagon Bid

Internal email reveals U.S. company’s pressure to deny Europeans’ application to powerful trade group.

Billions Spent on Overseas Counterterrorism Would Be Better Spent by Involving Ex-Terrorists

The U.S. gives money to help Indonesia and other countries fight terrorism. But research shows that this money might not be effective, unless it directly reaches former extremists.

That Time EPA Contractors Built Secret Man Caves in a Warehouse

When “vermin feces” is the second-biggest issue in your facility, you know you’ve got problems.

GovExec Daily: Making Government Customer Service More Positive

Deloitte's RJ Krawiec joins the podcast to discuss the future of customer experience.

Data Collection Features in a New Bill Targeting Equity at FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Advancement of Equity Act would instruct the disaster response to improve its data collection systems to help identify inequities in its distribution of federal assistance.

The Biden Administration Lays Out its Environmental Reviews and Permitting Goals for the Infrastructure Law

More guidance is expected from the Office of Management and Budget, and the Council on Environmental Quality.