How the USGS Detects Earthquakes Using Twitter

The agency learned to separate background noise from the “wow, that was an earthquake!” tweet.

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White House Cancels Syrian Train-and-Equip Program

The Pentagon now plans to focus on training just key Syrian leaders and sending more arms — and air cover — to fighters already on the ground.

Government’s Cyber Education Programs Need Reboot


The government should encourage more hands-on education and incident-based testing at the colleges and universities that help fill the pipeline of cyber talent.


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Look for Lawmakers to Again Target Feds’ Benefits

Democrat vows fight, calls using federal workers as offsets for other costs ‘unconscionable.’

House Republicans Are Waiting for Paul Ryan to Make Up His Mind

The House GOP met Friday to determine what happens next.

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The Alchemy of Great Leadership

Newsflash: There are no shortcuts.

House Panel Passes Hiring Reform, Harassment Protections for Federal Interns

Approved bills also include update to presidential transition process and anti-fraud measure.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Attorney's office in New York last month.

Justice Forces Phony Woman-Owned Contractor to Pay $20 Million

UFC Aerospace and its former president admit violating the Small Business Act.

We’ll Find Out Oct. 15 If There’s a 2016 COLA

It doesn't look good for federal retirees.

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NASA Wants to Start Building Stuff From Martian Rocks

Perhaps one day, astronauts will get to live in stone houses.

Looking Ahead to Her Benghazi Testimony, Hillary Clinton and Allies Revel in House GOP's Jumble

The presidential candidate and her campaign team have kept the pressure on Kevin McCarthy over his comments about the House Benghazi Committee. They’re not letting up now.

Kevin McCarthy leave a Republican news conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

As the Speaker Election Drama Continues, The US is Nearing a Debt Default

Prepare for the possibility of dangerous brinksmanship.