Feds preach vigilance amid multiple physical, cyber threats against election officials

In response, agencies as varied as CISA and the Postal Inspection Service are offering a slew of free and low-cost resources in a bid to help states and localities keep issues under control.

Senator wants USPS to address veteran medication delays

Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Tester, D-Mt., wants answers from the Postmaster General about ongoing issues veterans have had receiving VA-prescribed medications by mail.

OPM unveils its ‘future of work playbook’ for agencies to revamp HR processes

The federal government’s dedicated HR agency’s latest piece of guidance offers a list of concrete ways that human capital leaders can implement the Biden administration’s workforce agenda.

Becoming VP: The Elise Stefanik Playbook

How the North Country Congress member is positioning herself for the role of Trump’s No. 2.

Government software that shines: Solar permitting’s bright future in 2024

COMMENTARY | By automating the permitting process for rooftop solar, cities and counties can save time and money for their building departments and homeowners.

GAO: Severe complications for pregnant veterans nearly doubled in the last decade

The report, which notes that Black women have a higher rate of complication, recommends that the VA collect more data on mental health, race and ethnicity to understand the reasons for the disparity.

The Senate has too many appointees to confirm, and it's hurting agencies

There are too many layers of political officials requiring congressional approval, report finds.

Does Bruce Blakeman’s ban on trans players on girls’ teams violate state law?

New York’s Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

8 habits that push your customers away

Business development expert Nic Coppins offers a reality check for government contractors and the many ways they alienate customers.

EPA expands water program to help more disadvantaged communities apply for grants

Many communities lack the resources necessary to conduct the technical assessments needed to win federal grants. The EPA wants to help.

AG Days: Who’s running for Pennsylvania attorney general?

City & State’s up-to-the-minute guide to who’s running for AG – and who’s endorsing each candidate

Sales, operations and finance mark the week in exec moves

One of the government market's active venture firms and a space startup's new board appointment also feature.

Philly mayor might consider these lessons from NYC before expanding stop-and-frisk

In New York City, stop-and-frisk led to unwanted consequences, such as lawsuits against the city, greater racial disparities in the criminal justice system, citizen unrest and distrust of the police.

Inside the AI angle of ManTech's pivot

The company's new data analytics and artificial intelligence practice will look to help agencies get a handle on their data before operationalizing AI.

New cloud security task force presses for stakeholder accountability

A team convened to focus on cloud security is challenging industry, Congress and the executive branch to address longstanding concerns.