After Trump ‘Chaos,’ National Security Council Seeks a Return to ‘Regular Order’

The Biden White House is reinvigorating an interagency process some argue had largely halted under the Trump administration.

Middle-Aged Americans Are Stressed and Struggle with Physical and Mental Health – Other Nations Do Better

Adults in Germany, South Korea and Mexico reported improvements in health, well-being and memory.

GovExec Daily: How Human Capital Officials See White House Budgets

Dr. Reginald Wells joins the podcast to discuss his experience with budget blueprints as Deputy Commissioner of the Social Security Administration’s Office of Human Resources.

White House Outlines ‘Made in America’ Executive Order Implementation

Agencies must designate a senior official to spearhead efforts to support domestic manufacturing.

Biden Employs Aggressive Strategy to Sideline Top Career Officials at Consumer Protection Bureau

Current and former employees say the administration is flouting civil service protections—and its own promises.

Coronavirus Roundup: Another Possible Vaccine in the U.S.; AAPI Liaison Finding Her Footing

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

Hundreds of Troops Complain About ‘Woke’ Racism, Extremism Training, Cotton Claims

Senator confronts Austin, releases list of purported examples of Black Lives Matter advocacy, anti-white male bias, and diversity efforts.

Analysis: Trump’s DOJ Was More Dangerous Than We Knew

Revelations since Biden’s inauguration are adding detail to a portrait of ethical decay at the department.

Women Are as Likely as Men to Accept a Gender Pay Gap if They Benefit from It

An experimental study found that the vast majority of women didn't support a pay policy that corrected for an advantage they received, slightly more than men in the same position.

GovExec Daily: What to Do About the Politicization of the TSP

GovExec contributor Dallen Haws joins the podcast to discuss Congress and the White House meddling in the Thrift Savings Plan.

‘No Man Left Behind’ Also Applies to Our Afghan Interpreters

If no action is taken, we are, in effect, sentencing them to death at the hands of the Taliban.

Even Feds With Lifetime Tenure Can Be Fired for Cause, Court Rules

The dismissal does not require a special procedure, court finds in new precedent-setting case.

White House Releases a Regulatory Agenda to Advance Its Priorities

Addressing the climate crisis, promoting racial equity and helping small businesses are high on the administration’s list.

Biden Administration Outlines Plans for Unspent Border Wall Funds

A watchdog is still in the process of determining whether or not the construction pause at the start of Biden's term was legal. 

NIH Aims to Boost Diversity and Inclusion Within Its Biomedical Workforce 

The agency said the changes, which are part of a larger plan to combat structural racism in biomedical research, are “long overdue.”

Biden Kept His Promise to Increase COVID-Testing Capacity, Even as Demand for Testing Drops

Experts said that the system’s capacity has improved and people now have access to different testing options.

As More Climate Migrants Cross Borders Seeking Refuge, Laws Will Need to Adapt

Climate migrants don’t fit neatly into the legal definitions of refugee or migrant, and that can leave them in limbo. The Biden administration is debating how to identify and help them.