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No Respect.


So I'm flipping channels between innings of the World Series game last night and happened to catch a great little scene on "NCIS," the CBS series about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. This is the show formerly known by the most redundant title on television, "Navy NCIS," and starring perennial B-grade actor Mark Harmon (who did play at least one great character in his career). But I digress. Anyway, on the show, the crack NCIS team takes down a mobster who asks if they're with the FBI, leading to the following exchange:

"No, NCIS."

"Meat inspectors?"

Ooh, those NCISers. The Rodney Dangerfields of law enforcement. (On the off chance you didn't get the joke, the food inspectors would be FSIS, the Food Safety and Inspection Service.)


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