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The Daily Show: It 'Sucks' to Work At a 'Gutless Regulatory Agency'

Correspondent Jordan Klepper spoke to FEC agency head Ann Ravel and deemed the agency 'toothless.'

While the comedic value of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey has remained largely untapped, it nonetheless played a starring role on The Daily Show Thursday when Jordan Klepper cited it in a segment on the efficacy of the Federal Election Commission.

While showing the employee satisfaction ratings on screen, Klepper noted that feds employed at the FEC rate the agency near the bottom in governmentwide rankings. To uplift FEC workers, Klepper went to the agency's offices, hung mock motivational posters and even introduced agency head Ann Ravel to someone "from one of the few" agencies ranking worse than the FEC: a man dressed in a hazmat suit meant to be someone from the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.

Watch the encounter below or check out the full segment on Comedy Central's site.