Lawmaker Encourages Americans to ‘Thank a Fed’

New initiative seeks to better identify what federal workers are doing well.

When it comes to improving the civil service, Congress generally waits until something breaks, and then makes a haphazard attempt to repair it.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., is looking to change that dynamic by creating the “Thank a Fed” initiative. The long-time federal employee advocate created an email address this week -- -- and encouraged his constituents and others to send in examples of government working well.

Whether it’s a Social Security Administration employee who “worked tirelessly to process benefits for a loved one” or an agency that displayed “impressive operational efficiency” in delivering services, Connolly wants to hear about it.

“By sharing interactions and experiences,” Connolly said, “Americans can help Congress identify efficiencies, best practices, and incorporate lessons learned to improve agency performance across the federal government.”

Those practices and lessons could then be scaled up and replicated at other agencies, Connolly said.

Connolly announced the initiative as part of Public Service Recognition Week. In a newsletter to his constituents, the congressman called feds “the face of America here at home and around the globe.”

“Please know I will continue to fight in Congress to stand up for our neighbors who dedicate their life to public service,” Connolly wrote. 

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