GAO Gets New Diversity Leader

Specifically, Reginald Jones, a former commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and labor lawyer, has just been tapped to lead the Office of Opportunity and Inclusiveness at the Government Accountability Office. Given that GAO's pay-for-performance system ran into major trouble on the grounds that it discriminated against minority workers, prompting the agency to bring in an outside auditor to study the problem and to take a range of other actions to remedy it, this is an appointment to watch.

"I am very pleased we were able to recruit someone of the caliber of Reg Jones to manage this important office," Acting Comptroller General (speaking of which, when are they going to make Dodaro's appointment permanent or replace him?) Gene Dodaro said in a statement announcing the move. "He will report directly to me and also provide counsel on key initiatives as well as our diversity and human capital programs. Our goal is to ensure that every GAO employee has an opportunity to reach his or her full potential in support of the agency's mission."