McCain Hits Control-C

"Today Senator John McCain spoke on the United States Senate floor regarding the Defense Appropriations Bill," reads a press release issued by the senator's office yesterday. At first glance, the statement has a familiar ring to it: it's another of McCain's trademark diatribes against pork-barrel spending.

At second glance, though, the statement starts to look really familiar. "Why is Defense spending $2 million on the Olympic Games in Atlanta that will not even be held until 1996?" McCain asks. "Why should defense spend $9 million for World Cup USA?" A look back at the beginning of the statement and it becomes clear: "I have ... reviewed the Senate version of the 1993 Defense Appropriations Act, and I have found a number of areas that seem to turn a silk purse into a sow's ear," he says.

I know that McCain's line on pork spending hasn't changed much over the years, but his staff might want to be a little more careful with the cutting and pasting in the future. Update, 7/25/06: Four days later, and this still hasn't been changed.