Mascots Keep on Coming

Readers point out a few more mascots I missed:

  • Owlie Skywarn of the National Weather Service.
  • The EPA's Thirstin, who has something to do with ground and drinking water.
  • EPA also makes use of Sammy Soil to teach kids about conservation, but it's unclear to me if he's an official federal mascot or not--and if he is, exactly which agency he belongs to.
  • And who could forget the evil twin of the Energy Ant, the Energy Hog?

Over at the National Taxpayers Union, Demian Bradley is also tracking the mascot issue in his blog. And one of his readers highlights some others:

  • Les the Sea Turtle, mascot of the Navy's Waste Reduction Afloat Protects the Sea program.
  • Pablo the Eagle, representing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
  • Captain Fish of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (you have to scroll near bottom of the page to see the picture of him).

Update: The Army Corps of Engineers apparently has a whole set of cuddly creatures to promote safety issues: Safety Squirrel, Freddie Fish, and Bucky Beaver.

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