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Good Leadership, Great Government: Ideas & Strategies for Federal Government

November 14, 2018 Tune in to this webcast on November 14, to learn from Melissa DuRoss as she discusses how the lessons learned from OCC’s Continuous Leadership eXperience (CLX) program can influence your organization’s own transformational cultural shift.

How GPU Accelerated Data Centers Drive Increased Agility

November 14, 2018 In this webcast you'll find out how federal IT departments are using GPU accelerated VDI to drive data center efficiency and improve end user experience.

Real Time IT Monitoring

November 13, 2018 This webcast will explore the tools and resources available to government agencies to successfully keep track of rapidly changing complex IT infrastructure as agencies transition to the cloud, grow in scale, and change their digital footprint.

Accelerated AI: Shaping the Future of Government with Artificial Intelligence

November 13, 2018 Our society is in the midst of a technological disruption, and artificial intelligence is at the helm. Now more than ever, government leaders are challenged to keep pace with the evolving tech landscape and determine areas for AI investment and adoption within their respective agencies. For the public sector, AI is more than just a cool technology. It is a tool to transform the way government and defense agencies operate, deliver citizen services, and protect the nation. Government Acquisitions, Inc., Dell EMC, and Nvidia are teaming up on November 13 to discuss the state of and future with AI, the 21st century’s most important technology.

Navigating a Windows 10 Migration in the Federal Government

November 7, 2018 Register for this webcast to hear IT experts from Quest KACE and across federal government and defense agencies discuss best practices for migrating to Windows 10.

Mission to Modernize

October 25, 2018 On October 25th, join industry and government experts, decision-makers, and doers to explore how a modernized storage network and infrastructure can improve agency effectiveness while providing a platform for innovation.

Building a Data Centric Architecture for the Future of Government

October 18, 2018 This digital event will highlight the importance of a robust data infrastructure to enhance security, interoperability, IT operations, cost-savings and more. Tune in online to hear industry and government explore the shift to a data-centric strategy as well as the challenges and opportunities in data storage and infrastructure across government.

Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

October 18, 2018 On October 18, hear from defense, civilian and industry leaders who are leading the way in enabling and securing the supply chain through collaboration, disruptive technologies and data-driven insights and learn key approaches to ensure protection in your own agency or organization.

Modernizing the Citizen Experience

October 17, 2018 In this webcast from Nextgov, we'll take a look at federal agencies and programs that use innovative websites and web tools that enable citizens to engage simply, quickly, and securely, so they can walk away highly satisfied from their next government interaction.

Data-Powered Transformation: Tapping into Government's Most Valuable Resource

October 16, 2018 At this event, we’ll explore how the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have harnessed data and analytics to power government transformations, and hear from thought leaders, data officers, and technology experts on where these tools are leading us.