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Building a Data Centric Architecture for the Future of Government

2:00 PM ET This digital event will highlight the importance of a robust data infrastructure to enhance security, interoperability, IT operations, cost-savings and more. Tune in online to hear industry and government explore the shift to a data-centric strategy as well as the challenges and opportunities in data storage and infrastructure across government.

Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

8:00 AM ET On October 18, hear from defense, civilian and industry leaders who are leading the way in enabling and securing the supply chain through collaboration, disruptive technologies and data-driven insights and learn key approaches to ensure protection in your own agency or organization.

Modernizing the Citizen Experience

October 17, 2018 In this webcast from Nextgov, we'll take a look at federal agencies and programs that use innovative websites and web tools that enable citizens to engage simply, quickly, and securely, so they can walk away highly satisfied from their next government interaction.

Data-Powered Transformation: Tapping into Government's Most Valuable Resource

October 16, 2018 At this event, we’ll explore how the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have harnessed data and analytics to power government transformations, and hear from thought leaders, data officers, and technology experts on where these tools are leading us.

BOLD: A Showcase of Federal Innovators

October 11, 2018 A podcaster, a scientist, an outreach strategist, a workforce engagement leader and a 3D printing innovator will take the stage on October 11. Who are government’s unsung heroes? At the third annual BOLD program, we’re shining a spotlight on the leaders, thinkers, and doers who are pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be a public servant. Five bold innovators, selected by a panel of Government Executive and Nextgov editors from hundreds of peer applications, will take the stage to present their innovative programs, projects and plans for the future and share how they're making a difference within their agencies

The Tech-Enabled Mission

October 11, 2018 Join Government Executive and Nextgov to hear how innovative tools are realizing mission success by altering acquisition, shifting mission directives, utilizing disruptive technologies and more.

Future Feds: Finding and Hiring the Right Workforce to Innovate

October 10, 2018 During the 3rd annual Fedstival, Government Executive and Nextgov will sit down with hiring innovators to discuss the government's most important resource – its people – and take a deep dive into the strategies and best practices on finding and hiring the future federal workforce that will meet agency needs and deliver great public services.

Government's Next Generation: Recruiting and Managing the Future Federal Workforce

October 10, 2018 The president’s management agenda provides a long-term vision for rebuilding public trust in government by tackling systemic barriers to reform, including an ineffective personnel management system and outdated technology infrastructure. The goals are threefold: deliver on agency missions, provide superior service to the public, and eliminate waste. At Fedstival 2018, Government Executive and Nextgov explore how agencies are working to achieve this vision and develop the next generation of leaders. We’ll examine how agencies are empowering staff and aligning skills with mission requirements; modernizing systems for the digital age; and using data to deliver better outcomes and hold people accountable for performance.

Cocktails and Conversation

October 9, 2018 At Defense One's Cocktails & Conversation hosted during the week of AUSA's 2018 Annual Meeting, join our conversation with key leaders who are shaping the U.S. Army today and tomorrow. We will examine how U.S. Army field commanders - infantry divisions and more - are adapting to the President's National Security Strategy, and what to expect from the new Army Futures Command coming over the horizon.

Fedstival 2018

October 9, 2018 Government Executive and Nextgov will bring together the top thinkers, leaders, and innovators in government who are shifting perceptions, accelerating change, and redefining what it means to be a public servant. We’ll convene October 9-11 for a week of conversations, events, workshops, networking and more to discuss the most important topics in today’s federal landscape - from emerging technology applications to the future of the workforce and beyond.