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Securing Transportation

April 11, 2019 On April 11, Noblis will convene a discussion with federal and industry leaders across the aviation and security communities on why embracing a proactive approach to technology strategy is key to advancing national security solutions amid the growing demands of modern passengers.

Federal Strategies for Unlocking Connectivity

April 4, 2019 During this digital webcast, Nextgov will sit down with federal technology and connectivity experts to discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to wireless access - whether due to security concerns, emergencies, geographic location, weather, or large events.

Genius Machines

March 28, 2019 On March 28, Defense One and Nextgov will come together for the second annual Genius Machines Summit to showcase the government leaders, tech experts, researchers and thought leaders who are shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

Building a Culture of Analytics

March 27, 2019 Join Nextgov for this digital event as we convene federal data experts to discuss real strategies for gleaning more actionable insights from your data.

Building a Resilient Community in a Changing World

March 26, 2019 At this event, we’ll explore how local governments in Southeast Florida are working to enhance their capacity to adapt and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience. From climate change to immigration to infrastructure, we’ll examine the pressures governments face and share how to minimize their impacts.

How To Tech Series: Cloud

March 19, 2019 At this webcast, Route Fifty will speak with technology leaders from across the country at different stages in their cloud adoption - from those early adopters who have well-established cloud capabilities to those just starting the cloud journey.

Healthcare 2030: Future of Machine-Driven Medicine

March 13, 2019 At this event, Nextgov will sit down with technology and healthcare leaders across government to explore the possibilities of AI applications in government, from optimizing the healthcare enterprise, to integrating robotics into patient care, to identifying and mitigating public health threats before they emerge.

Promoting Excellence From the Center

March 12, 2019 During this viewcast, Nextgov will sit down with the leaders of the Centers of Excellence program and participating agencies to take a deep dive into how the program operates, what makes it unique, and what tangible change has taken place so far.

Modernization Strategies: Leveraging Hybrid Cloud for Agility

March 7, 2019 In this webcast, a federal cloud expert will discuss best practices for creating a hybrid cloud environment that is both high-performing and agile.

Cybersmart Cultivating A Future-Focused Cyber Culture

March 7, 2019 Attend this event to hear important discussions on the following topics: Funding cyber infrastructure amidst competing priorities, responding to cyber attacks technically and communicating the response internally and externally, partnering across government to build cyber workforce capabilities, creating rigorous cybersecurity policies, standards, and controls, training technical and nontechnical staff on cybersecurity practices or building a cyber ecosystem.