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Cocktails & Conversation - The Human Machine Team: The Analyst of Today and Tomorrow

December 13, 2018 The panel will explore how today’s intelligence analysts utilize AI/ML and their evolving role as we begin to trust and understand machine augmentation in order to maintain our competitive edge in the intelligence and national security arena.

The Future of Federal Analytics: Applying Disruptive Tech in Your Agency

December 11, 2018 In this webcast, hear from federal technology leaders about the data-driven technologies they're employing in their own agencies, the advantages and obstacles of modernization, and the government's plan to elevate disruptive technologies to a higher plane of efficacy.

The Next Generation of Federal Financial Management

December 11, 2018 Modernizing financial management is about more than moving yesterday’s financial systems to a secure and modern technological platform. It’s about employing machine learning and robotic process automation to free finance staff from non-value-added, repetitive tasks. Hear from government and industry leaders who are at the forefront of this innovation as SAP explores the next generation of federal financial management. 

Bridging the AI Gap: Enabling the Human Machine Team

December 6, 2018 Tune into this webcast to hear a discussion on the challenges and potential solutions for expanding the power of AI in an organization for enhanced location intelligence.

GovExec LIVE: Reskilling, Automating and Hiring the Future Federal Workforce

December 6, 2018 In the fourth installment of the GovExec LIVE series, we’ll sit down with leaders from across the government to discuss strategies for reskilling the workforce, the risk and rewards associated with changing agency culture, automation and the technology behind the future workforce.

Overcoming Top Workforce Challenges in State and Local Government

November 29, 2018 This webcast will take a deep-dive into the workforce pain points government leaders face, and share best practices from practitioners who are effectively overcoming these challenges.

Defense One Summit 2018

November 15, 2018 A new era of global competition demands upgrades and additions to the tools that have ensured U.S. and allied security since World War II: diplomacy, international cooperation, technology, lethal force, and the promotion of ideals. Defense One will gather top leaders from the military, government, and private sectors to discuss and debate what comes next and how to prepare for it.

A Connected Military: The Department of Defense's Future in the Cloud

November 15, 2018 This viewcast will explore the future of cloud computing and the U.S. Defense Department and take a look at the next-generation capabilities that the Pentagon will look to harness and overcoming the obstacles to realizing that vision.

Good Leadership, Great Government: Ideas & Strategies for Federal Government

November 14, 2018 Tune in to this webcast on November 14, to learn from Melissa DuRoss as she discusses how the lessons learned from OCC’s Continuous Leadership eXperience (CLX) program can influence your organization’s own transformational cultural shift.

How GPU Accelerated Data Centers Drive Increased Agility

November 14, 2018 In this webcast you'll find out how federal IT departments are using GPU accelerated VDI to drive data center efficiency and improve end user experience.