GovExec Daily: What the Fat Leonard Scandal Means for the Navy

Journalist Tom Wright joins the podcast to discuss his series on the scandal.

For years, a man named Leonard Francis bribed U.S. Navy officers with cash, booze, luxury items and prostitutes in return for fraudulent multi-million-dollar deals. Eventually the Navy began an operation to entrap the man known as “Fat Leonard.” Detained for years, Francis spoke to our guest today for a podcast series on the scandal and the ways the misogyny, graft and corruption evident in it resonate even today.

Brazen Original podcast Fat Leonard is available across platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others. Tom Wright is a journalist and the co-author of the book Billion Dollar Whale about Malaysian playboy Jho Low. He’s also the host of Fat Leonard. He joined the show to talk about the Fat Leonard scandal and what he’s learned in producing the podcast.

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