Extra-Long Sustainment Contracts Are Lockheed’s Latest Bid to Cut F-35 Costs

The company is pitching the Pentagon on a five-year deal — with promises to keep 80 percent of the fleet mission-ready.

The Air Force Will Start Work on Flying Cars This Fall

It’s about replacing the V-22, eventually. But it’s also about finding new ways to harness commercial innovation.

Analysis: Mike Pompeo Is Bigger Than the Pentagon — For Now

“I think that Pompeo is now running foreign policy in the Trump administration in the way that Cheney ran it in the Bush administration,” said one analyst.

SecAF Pick: No Need to Ban Military Use of Trump Properties

Any regulations “should not be specific to any particular owner,” says Barbara Barrett.

Viewpoint: U.S. Intelligence Needs Another Reinvention

After failing to detect the 9/11 plot, spy agencies reinvented themselves for an age of terrorism, but a new generation of technological threats requires a new round of reforms.

Bolton Fired as National Security Adviser. Who's Next?

Trump's third NSA is let go after being sidelined at major international events.

Once Again, Trump Lurches to End a War, But Troops Remain

The collapse of talks with the Taliban raises questions about the president’s willingness to bring troops home from costly engagements overseas.

Viewpoint: The Writing Was on the Wall With Afghanistan

The latest bout of bloodshed may have played some role in the actions Trump just took, but it is also a convenient out for an administration that had gone all in on a floundering initiative.

Viewpoint: The Mattis Two-Step

The forever general’s attempt to "stay out of politics" is bringing him right into it.

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Pentagon Shelves Neutral Particle Beam Research

One of the U.S. military’s most ambitious space-based projects has crashed back to Earth.

U.S. Wargames to Try Out Concepts for Fighting China, Russia

Joint Staff-led exercises will test new communications gear and new ideas for getting past “industrial-age” synchronization of forces.

How AI Will Predict Chinese and Russian Moves in the Pacific

As Pacific Air Forces builds a picture of normal traffic, they'll start looking for suspicious patterns — and even predict what's coming.

Why is the Pentagon Interested in UFOs?

During a military mission, whether in peace or in war, the inability to identify an object within an area of operation represents a significant problem.

Alleged Israeli Strikes Bring U.S. to Crossroads in Iraq

The Pentagon is worried that attacks on Iran-linked targets could damage its relationship with Baghdad. But what does the White House want?

Dunford: Peace Agreement With The Taliban Is ‘Worth Trying’

“I’m not using the ‘withdrawal’ word right now,” the Pentagon’s top uniformed leader said Wednesday.

Pentagon Struggles to Address Service Member Suicides

Despite expanded initiatives, veteran and military suicides continue to rise.

Trump Told the VA to Order ‘a Lot’ of Ketamine for Vets

The president wants to make a controversial new nasal spray available to depressed veterans. The agency says it will consider incorporating the drug after it has more data.