Army Special Operators Seek to Reduce Suicide with ‘Bottom-Led’ Approach

Units have been ordered to develop anti-suicide efforts based on the USASOC's new strategy.

UFO Sightings By US Troops Surge

Intelligence officials cite recent efforts to reduce the stigma of reporting odd aerial phenomena. Many cases remain unexplained.

Lawmakers Slam Colleagues’ Talk of 2024 Defense Cuts

Still, Rep. Jordan insists “everything” is on the table.

Pentagon Rescinds COVID-Vaccine Mandate

The move was required by the 2023 defense policy bill. Troops who were ejected for refusing the vaccine may petition for a change in their discharge status.

What We Know About U.S.-Backed Zero Units in Afghanistan

Deadly night raids. Faulty U.S. intelligence. A “classified” war loophole. Reporter Lynzy Billing’s investigation offers an unprecedented insight into the civilian casualties of Afghanistan’s Zero Units.

Pentagon Scrambles to Prep New COVID Rules as Vaccine Mandate Nears End

Vaccine-refusal separations are on hold as DOD develops “further guidance.”

Zelensky to America: Our Fight Is Your Fight

“Your money is not charity," the Ukrainian president said, but "an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”

Let’s Make It Easier to Share Top-Secret Data With Allies, Intel Leader Says

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s CIO wants to expand collaborative workspaces—and resist the urge to mark everything NOFORN.

‘Broken Culture’ Keeps Troops at Risk of Sexual Assault, Advocates Say

They wonder whether real change is possible before today’s leaders age out and leave.

It’ll Be ‘Years’ Before the Pentagon Fully Implements Changes to Handling Sexual Assaults

Congress has directed several major changes to the way the military handles sexual assault. Officials say full implementation remains several years away.

Gillibrand Ditches Military-Services Style Cyber Academy Idea for DOD Scholarship Program in NDAA

The new plan proposed by the New York senator would offer cyber scholarships to students at colleges and universities, followed by DOD service.  

After a Spike in Sexual Assaults on Troops, Is Real Change on the Way?

The 2023 defense policy bill will close a prosecutorial loophole that advocates say has been preventing justice for victims of rape, harassment, and other crimes.

Ending COVID-Vax Mandate Would Divide Troops into Two Classes, Navy Secretary Says

The military would consist of “those that can’t deploy and those that can deploy. And that creates all sorts of problems,” Carlos Del Toro told lawmakers.

Austin Urges Congress to Pass a Budget, Citing China Threat

But the secretary left inflation, supply chain, and worker woes out of his speech to the Reagan National Defense Forum.

Just Half of Americans Trust the Military, Survey Finds

Most want to continue helping Ukraine—and most don’t think there’s a clear China strategy, according to the Reagan Institute poll.

Recruiting Crisis? Not at Space Force

The youngest and smallest service says it pays to be both choosy and inclusive.

GOP Senators Agitate for Vote To Repeal Vaccine Mandate

Sen. Paul said 20 senators have pledged to vote against moving the defense policy bill forward unless their amendment is brought to the floor.