An American Citizen Tried to Join ISIS. Does That Make Him an ‘Enemy Combatant’?

The U.S. military quietly released “John Doe” last week after holding him in detention in Iraq for 13 months, with no charges.

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U.S.-Backed Forces in Iraq, Syria May Face Challenges for Years

Latest report by three inspectors general details weakness in anti-ISIS effort.

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Northrop Grumman Pays $27.5 Million Under False Claims Act

Contractor admits inflated billing on Air Force battlefield communications contracts.

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Trump Sparks Outrage with Claims That Rocks Should Be Treated As Firearms

But there is precedent for firing on rock-throwers on the border. CBP agents have done so on numerous occasions.

The watchdog found that the $1.5 million-per-day effort to reduce dependence on the poppy harvest for the narcotics trade has failed, with poppy cultivation this year at four times the level of 2002.

Another Grim War-Zone Review from U.S. Afghanistan Watchdog

Kabul government’s control over territory diminishes further as civilian casualties rise.

Soldiers prepare their vehicles on Oct. 31 to roll out from Fort Hood to the border.

The Pentagon, Soldiers And Taxpayers Will Pay For Trump’s Border-Troops Order

The Department of Defense is scrambling to figure out where 15,000 soldiers would come from

The U.S. Military Held an American as an Enemy Combatant for Over a Year. Here’s What That Means.

The case could have upended the entire war on ISIS. Instead, it’s changing how we treat some detainees.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., is pressing for faster action.

Intel Community Promises Security Clearance Standards Within the Year

Sen. Warner criticizes OMB and Homeland Security for a lack of urgency in pushing reforms.

A C-130J pilot wears night vision goggle during a training mission above Yokota Air Base, Japan.

After Laser Attacks, Pentagon Spending $200M to Protect Pilots’ Eyeballs

The contracts came just months after the U.S. accused China of trying to blind military pilots in Africa and the Pacific.

Border Patrol agents observe Arizona National Guard Soldiers training in Arizona in 2010.

Analysis: By Sending Troops To The Mexico Border, Trump Repeats a Costly Obama Mistake

"Operation Phalanx," an ineffective Obama-era plan, cost millions and had little impact.

Fiscal 2019 Could Be 'High-Water Mark' of Defense Spending

Pentagon comptroller tells contractors group his staff is adjusting to a funding boost delivered on time.

How U.S. Law Enforcement Tracked Down Cesar Sayoc Jr. So Quickly

A package to Maxine Waters was the key, officials say, yielding a fingerprint and DNA.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan speaks to members of the Military Reporters and Editors Association during their annual convention at the Navy League Building in Arlington, Va., Oct. 26, 2018.

Will Trump Really Cut Defense Spending by 5%? It’s Way Too Early To Say

The Pentagon’s No. 2 confirms that the president’s surprise order will affect the military, but experts say there may ultimately be no decline at all.