US Could Close Kabul Embassy If Future Afghanistan Government Includes Taliban, Top General Says

CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie says U.S. military will still be able to help interpreters and other Afghan helpers after departure.

Where the US Army’s Cut List and Wish List Overlap

Some programs slated for trimming in the 2022 budget proposal also appear on the service’s list of unfunded priorities.

Biden: Government Must Draft Anti-Corruption Plan by December

Analysts hailed the memo’s designation of corruption as a national security threat and its deadline for action.

Austin Asks Top General For ‘Options’ to Evacuate Afghans

Operation would need authorization from White House, which is not yet “actively pursuing” the idea.

Pentagon Shelves Plans for New Air Force Two

In the meantime, the Air Force is in the early stages of developing supersonic and hypersonic passenger aircraft.

Eyeing China, Biden’s First Pentagon Budget Would Cut Troops, Buy Future Weapons

DepSecDef Hicks called the president’s $715 billion spending request “a foundation for fielding a full range of needed capabilities.” Republicans called it “a cut.”

Naval Spending Proposal Defies Calls to Buy Extra Ships, Boost Marines’ Budget

President’s first spending request seeks to cut procurement to free funds for operations and maintenance.

US Planning to Evacuate Afghan Interpreters, Top US General Says

“There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here,” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

Biden Nominees Want to Shake Up Pentagon Weapons Buying Process

Shyu, Blume tell Congress they plan to bridge the “valley of death” between the development phase and becoming a program of record.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Joni Ernst Can Pass Their Military Sexual Assault Bill — They Just Need a Senate Vote

The senators have a bipartisan measure to put independent prosecutors, not military commanders, in charge of serious crimes.

US Air Force Will Cut Turkey from F-35 Production, Kendall Says

The service secretary nominee also signals he’s not in favor of reducing U.S. F-35 purchases.

GovExec Daily: Base Renaming and the First Woman-Led U.S. Military Mission

Ben Watson joins the show to discuss Harriet Tubman's role in the Combahee River raid and the latest Defense One Radio episode.

Estimated Cost of US Nuclear Modernization Jumps 28 Percent

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimate puts the price tag at $634 billion as some lawmakers try to bring it back down.

How Pentagon Cash Helped Save Small Defense Companies During the Pandemic

Business leaders are now calling on defense officials and lawmakers to keep a policy that pays contractors more money up front.

With Half Its Troops Unvaccinated, Pentagon Aims to Persuade Skeptics

Instead of a “personal health choice,” leaders now call shots a “critical part” of fighting the pandemic.