A Marine Logistics Base May Be the Warehouse of the Future

Virginia Tech researchers aim to use 5G networks to track items as they come and go.

Service Dogs Can Help Veterans with PTSD – Growing Evidence Shows They May Reduce Anxiety in Practical Ways

Traditional treatments for PTSD, such as talk therapy and medication, do work for some veterans. But service dogs can make a difference when those methods fall short.

Senators Offer to Let NSA Hunt Cyber Actors Inside the US

After SolarWinds hack, Gen. Nakasone seeks some sort of a fix for the cybersecurity ‘blind spot’ against Russia, China, but others cite privacy concerns in potential expanded authorities.

Military Exposed to Toxic Fumes From Burn Pits Set to Get Bipartisan Boost

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio were set to roll out a bill Friday that could help unknown thousands of service members who are sick from toxic substances they were exposed to from burning garbage in Afghanistan, Iraq and other war zones.

What the Navy’s War on Sleep Deprivation Teaches Us about Cultural Change

A campaign to make ship drivers rest has lessons for larger-scale culture shifts.

Pentagon Picks Lockheed, Northrop-Raytheon Team to Develop Missile Interceptors

Officials reject a bid by Boeing, which builds the current generation of missile interceptors.

UK Confirms Plans to Add F-35s, But Won’t Commit to Original Goal

Officials have promised to buy 48, are thinking about buying more, but wouldn’t say whether the 138-plane vision will ever be realized.

One Year into the Pandemic, Defense Department Data Remains Incomplete

Outstanding questions include: why are civilians dying at higher rates than troops?

Drones Could One Day Make Up 40% of a Carrier Air Wing, Navy Says

The department’s new unmanned plan directs focus not just on drones but on their “enabling technologies.”

Key Official: Defense Information Operations ‘Not Evolving Fast Enough’

China will soon harness AI to supplant Russia as the world leader in information warfare, a DIA leader said.

Putin Authorized Smear Campaign Against Biden, US Intelligence Concludes

Less hacking, more laundering: 2020 tactics show evolution of Russian information warfare efforts.

Better Weapons or More Soldiers? Army Chief Says He's Being Forced to Choose 

“We'd like to make it bigger, but what we have to do is prioritize,” said Gen. James McConville.

American Special Ops Forces Are Everywhere

They’ve become a major military player—and maybe a substitute for strategic thinking.

The Military Could Soon Face a Flag Officer Talent Crisis

Senior leader pay is seriously out of sync with the risks and responsibilities that come with the positions.

Pentagon Officials, Uniformed Leaders Slam Fox’s Carlson Over Female-Troop Comments

“What we absolutely won't do is take personnel advice from a talk show host,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday.

Americans’ Trust in Military Is Declining, Survey Finds

Yet people still trust the military more than six other U.S. institutions.