Service member influencers are helping DOD recruit, Pentagon official says

Social media posts shared by “genuine service members on their own” are helping the Pentagon recruit more young Americans into the U.S. military, according to the deputy secretary of defense.

Data on active-duty servicemembers is available for purchase online, report says

A new study from Duke University sheds light on how easy it is to find U.S military personnel online for a price.

The Pentagon may never get to the bottom of that famous UFO video

The DOD’s office is creating a way for former government employees to reach out with information about UFOs.

Senate confirms first woman to lead Navy, key joint staff vacancies

However, hundreds of confirmations are still blocked by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala.

To solve national security problems, the US may have to rethink higher education

Advanced STEM degrees take too much time and cost too much, said the former science and tech head at Homeland Security.

Budgetary limbo could cost the Navy Department $26B in missing or ‘misaligned’ funds

Comptroller lays out the price of a full-year continuing resolution if Congress can’t pass a 2024 budget.

The Army doesn’t know where a lot of its excess arms and gear are

As allies' needs soar, officials are racing to get a clearer picture of what's available.

‘What am I here for?’: Military families frustrated by delayed promotions, withheld raises and lives put on hold

For more than half a year, one Republican senator has blocked military promotions on the Senate floor over his disapproval of the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

How the Pentagon’s big tech bets could suffer if the government shuts down

Anything that needs new money to start or scale could see delays—including the Air Force’s quest to develop robot wingmen.

Shutdown would be 'extremely disruptive' to defense production, workforce, acquisition chief says

“Can you imagine if the Chinese had something like this, where their government would shut down every few years?” Bill LaPlante said Tuesday.

DOD lag on enacting business system recommendations may slow clean audit, GAO says

The Defense Department has still yet to fully implement 18 recommendations that the watchdog said could facilitate the decades-long pursuit of completing an enterprisewide audit.

Budget delays could ‘slow roll’ Air Force’s digital infrastructure plans

In early 2024, the service plans to launch cloud-based command and control technologies in three undisclosed locations.

Uncertainty at the top blurs Marine Corps’ work on 2025 budget

Like the Army and Navy, the Corps is without a confirmed chief, thanks to a GOP senator’s hold.

The Navy is drowning in data it doesn’t know what to do with

The service’s principal cyber advisor got candid about data struggles as it looks to adopt AI in operational plans.

The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the “little crappy ship”

A ProPublica examination reveals new details on why the LCS never delivered on its promises.

NSA ‘recently completed’ AI strategic study, director says

Outgoing chief Gen. Paul Nakasone looks back, forward, and pushes for Sec. 702 authority.