The Navy’s Most Advanced Communications System is Stuck in a Confusing Tale of Italian Justice

The service is all set to use an advanced communications channel in the Mediterranean and Middle East. But it's not allowed to.

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A Twist in the Fight for Women in the Military

One Republican’s attempt stop the integration of women into the military might end up making them eligible for the draft.

The Futuristic Aircraft That May Replace the Black Hawk Will Fly Next Year

But don’t expect the V-280 or SB-1 to hit battlefields until after 2030 — unless their builders find other customers first


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An American Service Member Is Killed in Iraq

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the person was slain in fighting near Irbil.

Five Years After bin Laden's Death, al-Qaeda Lives On

The group gets less attention than its former affiliate ISIS, but may be quietly consolidating its position out of the spotlight.

Pentagon Wants to Raise Purchase Card Maximum to $10,000

House lawmakers leave proposed language out of first draft of Defense authorization bill, but sources say it could come up again.

Panel Repeals Cuts to Pentagon Travel Per Diems

Major Defense legislation advances that would scrap a 2014 department policy that slashed long-term travel reimbursement rates.

A Doctors Without Borders employee walks inside the remains of the organization's hospital after a U.S. airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

US Blames Tech for Hospital Strike. But There’s More To The Story

The redacted investigation report reveals that the AC-130U crew got disoriented, ignored rules of engagement, and didn’t listen to a warning.

Edward Snowden speaks via video conference to people in the Johns Hopkins University auditorium in February.

Edward Snowden: The Tweeting Habits of a Whistleblower in Exile

What his tweeting tells us about his life in Russia.

North Korea Sentences an American to 10 Years in Prison

Kim Dong-chul of Fairfax, Virginia, was arrested last October.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said: "There are now at least three high profile examples of top Obama administration officials treating electronic security and records retention too casually."

Senator Extends Flap Over Ash Carter Personal Email Use

Grassley not satisfied with Pentagon briefing and new internal records guidance.

The Kabul Sardar Kabuli Girls School

It's Unclear Whether U.S. Investments in Afghan Education Are Paying Off

Watchdog faults State, Pentagon and USAID for weak assessments of $759.6 million in spending.

The NSA Doesn't Know How Many Americans It Is Spying On

Congress wants to know: How many Americans are caught up in the government’s digital dragnets?