Vax Refusal Poised to Deepen National Guard’s End-Strength Shortage

The Guard is missing its goals for the first time in several years, and worse is expected to come.

The US Weighs Escalation Risk As Ukraine Asks for Longer-range Missiles

Will ATACMS become the latest weapon that Washington has initially withheld, but ultimately given? 

No Abortion Access for 40 Percent of Female Troops, Study Finds

RAND says it’s “not unreasonable” that the lack of abortion access will make women more likely to leave service.

Defense Firms Sound Inflation Alarm as Congress Mulls 2023 Budget

One trade association says Pentagon would lose $110 billion in buying power.

Study Gauges Americans’ Views on Military Intervention

The United States public prefers when the country works with other military powers, protects civilians, and resolves conflict peacefully, research on military intervention finds.

Queen Elizabeth Dead at 96

Prince Charles to become king after Britain’s longest-serving monarch and most prominent global leader passes at Balmoral, Scotland.

After Roe, ‘We Do Have Options’ to Avoid Anti-Abortion States, Army Chief Says

As ever, soldiers can indicate their station preferences—but the Army’s needs come first, Gen. McConville says.

Army Updates Cyber Training After Some Graduates Weren’t Ready for Their Jobs

New classes and updated curriculum reflect evolving threats and lessons from the Ukraine war.

Military Sexual Assaults Surged in 2021, Report Shows

Pentagon’s annual report also reveals that fewer people trust the military system for dealing with such assaults.

Poll: Half of Americans Say Sending Troops to Afghanistan Was ‘A Mistake’

Less than one-quarter believe the two-decade conflict made America safer.

Army Prep Course Aims to Pull Youth Up to Recruiting Standards

Pilot program teaches students math, vocab, test-taking, and military discipline.

Do Some 9/11 Responders Have a New Kind of Dementia?

World Trade Center responders who have PTSD may have a new, specific form of dementia, a new study suggests.

‘We Need to Own the Heat The Way We Now Own Night,’ Pentagon Climate Expert Says

Tactical cooling vests and other adaptations will be needed as dangerous temperatures arrive on training ranges and in combat zones.

Fail the Body-Fat Test, Marine? Ask for a High-Tech Recount

The Marine commandant says this and other new body-composition policies will help “maintain a healthy, ready force.”

Sensing Russian Stall, US Rushing Arms to Help Retake Ukrainian Territory

The latest weapons package includes MRAPs with special landmine-clearing devices–and brings the total to $10.7 billion.