Senators Have More Than 900 Ideas To Fix America’s Security

The proposed amendments to the NDAA include ideas on Afghanistan, China and extremism in the ranks.

Army to Begin Forcing Out Soldiers Who Refuse COVID Vaccine, Including Guardsmen

New policy bars unvaccinated soldiers from re-enlistment, promotions as Oklahoma governor says National Guard need not obey Biden's vax mandate.

No Pentagon Wrong-Doing in Jan. 6 Reaction, Inspector General Finds

“DOD officials did not delay or obstruct” Guard troops who arrived at the U.S. Capitol hours after insurrectionists stormed it.

Are Naval Forces on the Right Path? Leaders Run Wargame to Check

Analysis of the classified, Pacific-focused “Global 14” will continue for weeks or months, a Navy official said.

Rising Inflation Is Beginning to Worry Pentagon Leaders

Higher salaries and more expensive weapons looming large as the Defense Department assembles next budget proposal.

Army Recruiters on TikTok Dance Around Ban To Reach Gen Z

As threat worries subside, one sergeant has nearly half a million followers on the China-based app—and the Army wants her advice.

Poll: Veterans Say US Left Afghanistan Without Honor, and They Want to Talk About It

70 percent of Americans surveyed said they have “never” or “rarely” talked to a veteran about the war.

Air Force-Backed Startup Reveals Hypersonic Aircraft Prototype

The company fired the drone’s afterburning engine during a ceremony in Atlanta.

‘Our Job Is Not Done’: How Women Veterans in Congress Continue to Help Afghan Refugees

These policymakers are pressing the Biden administration to protect Afghan refugees, specifically women and children.

Veterans Day: How Crosses and Mementos Help These Marines Remember Fallen Comrades

For some military members, a hillside in California embodies the sacrifices of serving.

Plan to Draft Women is Uniting Unlikely Political Allies

Anti-war activists and conservative hawks both want women to stay out of the Selective Service System.

Navy Secretary Seeks 3-5% Annual Budget Increases

“I think more members of Congress understand the real threat that China presents,” Del Toro said.

Marine Corps Seeks ‘Fundamental Redesign’ to Recruiting, Retention, Careers

Commandant wants to keep young Marines longer, bring in older ones with skills.

As COVID Hits Defense Factories, Some Workers Push Back on Vaccine Mandate

Some Republican lawmakers say the requirement will compromise national security.

New White House Cyber Director Wants to Fight Like Cobra Kai

Chris Inglis says the government needs to hit would-be attackers where it hurts.