Agencies Aren't Hitting Disconnection Targets Under EIS

Some agencies may have to exercise "continuity of service" contract clauses to keep phones, internet and other network services online beyond the May 2023 deadline.

Federal Call Center Workers Strike Over Pay, Healthcare Costs

Employees at Maximus call centers working on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services contracts, conducted a two-day strike this week seeking pay and better healthcare coverage.

DOD to Debut Virtual Desktops for Certain Highly Classified Programs

The effort, which sunsets "Chinstrap" desktop hardware, has been a key priority in the Pentagon's CIO shop.

The Navy Needs to Do a Better Job Finding the Right Job for Its Cyber Specialists, Officials Say

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, told the House Armed Services Committee the Navy has struggled with matching cyber talent with teams.

GovExec Daily: Former Operation Warp Speed Official Says It Was 'a Model' For Public-Private Partnerships

Courtney Bublé talks to Paul Mango on the podcast about the vaccine development program.

Lockheed Secretly Worked to Block Airbus’ Influence in Washington—While Teaming on a Major Pentagon Bid

Internal email reveals U.S. company’s pressure to deny Europeans’ application to powerful trade group.

Senate Bill to Train Acquisition Workforce on AI gets House Counterpart

The AI Training Act, which passed the Senate last December now has a House companion from Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and James Comer (R-Ky.).

Why Rural Communities Struggle to Bring in Much-needed Federal Grants

A new analysis suggests that over half of communities in the West lack the capacity to take advantage of infrastructure bill funding. Now what?

NASA Chief Calls Out the 'Plague' of Cost-Plus Contracts

The space agency is hoping to increasingly use competitions among top vendors and fixed-price contracts as a new way of conducting business—and cutting steep costs for major projects.

HBCUs Could Be One Key to Improving Equity in Federal Contracting and Technology

From expanding contracting opportunities for small, disadvantaged businesses to building out a more diverse federal workforce, federal agencies are increasingly aiming to partner with minority-serving institutions to ensure their equity goals are effective.

SBA Looks to Promote Disadvantaged Businesses With 2023 Budget Request

The head of the Small Business Administration told lawmakers the agency is planning to ramp up outreach efforts for small disadvantaged businesses and other firms in need of support to address a 40% decline in small businesses working with the federal government.

Pentagon Still not Taking Full Advantage of Rapid Acquisition Authorities, Former Official Says

Ellen Lord, the former undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment during the Trump administration, told senators "strong leadership" was needed to fully embrace rapid acquisitions policies.

Boeing’s Low-Ball Defense Bidding Has Come Back to Bite Them

The company has lost billions of dollars and the pandemic is making things worse.

CEO: Boeing Should Have Rejected Trump’s Air Force One Deal

The company revealed that it has lost $660 million outfitting the next presidential jets—so far.

Bernie Sanders Wants Amazon Debarred from Federal Contracting

The Vermont lawmaker cites the company's anti-union activity in a letter urging President Biden to eliminate the e-commerce and cloud behemoth from federal contracts.

GovExec Daily: The Louis DeJoy Ethos

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss his interview with the postmaster general.