White House Releases Coronavirus Guidance for Federal Contractors 

Directive comes as the Defense Department announced a contractor died over the weekend.

Lead Contractors Association Calls for Leave-Sharing Policy and Telework Guidance

Professional Services Council asks OMB and IRS to provide more direction during coronavirus outbreak. 

F-35 Factories In Italy, Japan Are Reopening After Closing for Coronavirus

An assembly plant in Japan is already open and another in Italy is expected to reopen on Wednesday.

Lead Trade Association Calls for More Guidance for Federal Contractors

The Professional Services Council represents over 400 companies that work with all federal agencies.

U.S., U.K. Agree to ‘Further’ Restrict Huawei, Defense Secretary Says

But it’s not clear whether any actual changes emerged from Thursday’s meeting between the top U.S. and British defense leaders.

A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection

If it wins FDA approval next year, the two-part sensor could help spot new infections weeks before symptoms begin to show.

DHS to Waive Contracting Regulations to Speed Up Border Wall Construction

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is using a 2005 law to override certain requirements.

Trump Targets Major Weapons Projects To Fund Wall

The $4 billion in procurement reprogramming is part of a total of what is believed to be roughly $7 billion in military construction and counternarcotics funding that the White House is planning to divert.

Analysis: Why Would a Billionaire Charge the Secret Service $650 a Night?

Six theories for why Donald Trump insists on billing taxpayers

GSA Praised for Progress on Contracting Schedule Consolidation  

Compared to a 2015 merger, “phase two [of the current process] far exceeds the expectations,” said one observer.

Viewpoint: Suspend The Trump Organization From Doing Business With Government

It’s difficult to imagine a contractor not already on the federal government’s blacklist that presents a stronger case for exclusion.

White House Budget Office Wants to Know How You Would Make Contracting More Efficient 

The federal government is looking to reduce cost and time of procurements, like the private sector.

A Call to Inaction on Defense Acquisition Law

The best thing Congress could do for a while is stop passing new legislation.

Labor Department Set to Streamline Procurement Services

The department has already made headway on shared services for human resources and information technology.

Donald and Ivanka Trump Were Involved in Inauguration’s Inflated Payments to Family Business, New Suit Says

“Members of the Trump family were aware of and involved in the negotiation of this unconscionable contract,” the District of Columbia’s attorney general wrote in the suit.

Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week 

Over the next two years, the Space Development Agency is looking to put dozens of satellites into orbit.