With so many billions in buying, procurement needs a better dashboard

COMMENTARY | Procurement executives need a holistic view of their organizations' performance, argues one observer.

Ahead of shutdown, House and Senate Dems propose back pay for furloughed contractors

A similar effort to legislate back pay for contractors failed during the 2018-2019 shutdown.

Process and payment questions are always paramount in shutdowns

How and when contractors get paid if the government shuts down are among many questions contractors have. Here is a glimpse at some answers.

DHS faces protests over $450M small business contract

The protestors disagree with how the Homeland Security Department is looking to field this IT and professional services contract.

USPS eyes expansion of a potentially major insourcing initiative

The program is in its infancy, but could lead to many thousands of jobs going from external contractors to internal agency employees.

National intelligence strategy calls for new partnerships to harness emerging technologies

Federal agencies must collaborate with private sector partners and allies to better understand the implications of emerging technologies, according to the new strategy.

Labor Dept. will offer training on new rules to boost some federal contractors' wages

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced a major overhaul of regulations governing the compensation of construction workers on federally funded projects.

Government contractors grapple with enforcement challenges of TikTok ban

Industry groups are raising censorship and privacy concerns over a ban of popular social media app TikTok on devices used by government contractors. 

Proposed contractor climate change rule faces more questions from Republican lawmakers

House overseers demand a briefing from acquisition officials on the draft regulation requiring companies doing business with the federal government to report on their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Labor Dept. office rolls back portions of Trump-era policy on handling discrimination claims against contractors

Regulations implemented Friday said that a 2020 rule change aimed at making investigations into allegations of discrimination more efficient in practice did the opposite.

VA’s work with outside vendors draws lawmaker scrutiny over conflicts of interest

Rep. Jen Kiggans, R-Va., said VA’s claim it “had no occasions” where it identified an actual or potential conflict of interest with its contractors was “not believable.” 

Small businesses’ share of federal contracting dollars reaches ‘all time high,’ SBA says

Federal agencies paid small businesses $162.9 billion for contracting work—the most ever recorded—in fiscal 2022, although the proportion of federal contract dollars going to small businesses declined to 26.5%.

VA opposed to new electronic health record requirements, but open to more major acquisition review 

VA officials told lawmakers Wednesday that they oppose proposed oversight standards for the department’s new electronic health record modernization program.

Transparency in numbers: Federal contractors must be held accountable for their diversity efforts

COMMENTARY | A more diverse talent pool will result in government services—and access to those services—that are more reflective of the constituents those services support.

VA official expects Oracle Cerner to deliver on $10B EHR contract despite layoffs

While lawmakers and officials expect work to continue as planned, an insider warned that layoffs at Oracle Cerner targeted a clinical team that worked to implement new electronic health record systems.