Hotline is Open to Report Contractors’ Defiance of New EO on Diversity Training

The recent executive order bans certain employee diversity and inclusion training the White House considers divisive. 

GovExec Daily: How the U.S. Can Further Human Rights Through Procurement

NYU's Isabelle Glimcher joins the podcast to discuss how the federal government can further goals through contracting.

White House Expands Crackdown on Certain Diversity and Inclusion Training

President Trump signed an executive order that covers federal agencies, contractors, grantees and the military. 

Contractors Seek Clearer, Uniform Guidance for Returning to Offices

Lack of such guidance is a “huge hole” in the federal government’s pandemic response, industry group says. 

When Politics and Procurement Mix, The Effects Can Be Deadly

Important components of the pandemic response have bypassed essential rules and protocols, but the problems go beyond the current crisis.

Lawmakers Question HHS’ $250 Million Contract for Coronavirus Communications 

Democrats are concerned the Trump administration is using taxpayer funds for "political propaganda" ahead of the election. 

The Trump Administration Is Backing Out of a $647 Million Ventilator Deal After ProPublica Investigated the Price

The government overpaid by hundreds of millions for Philips ventilators, says a House investigation spurred by ProPublica reporting. Now that deal is off and Congress is scrutinizing other coronavirus deals made by trade adviser Peter Navarro.

New Engineering Report Finds Privately Built Border Wall Will Fail

The report, set to be filed in federal court this week, confirms reporting from ProPublica and The Texas Tribune that found portions of the wall were in danger of overturning if not fixed due to extensive erosion just months after it was built.

TVA Employees Still Waiting on Answers Weeks After Trump's Intervention

Employees designated for layoffs either remain at home or have been told not to do their work.

Government Surpasses Small Business Contracting Goals in Fiscal 2019 for Seventh Year

Agencies also set records for contracting with women-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned and small disadvantaged businesses. 

The White House Paid Up to $500 Million Too Much for These Ventilators, Congressional Investigators Say

A House panel says “gullible” White House negotiators overpaid for Phillips ventilators, and it has asked the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to investigate evidence of fraud in the deal.

The Raging Competition for Medical Supplies Is not a Game, but Game Theory Can Help

The toll of the pandemic has been worsened because of the shock to the global supply chain, which resulted in shortages of vital medical equipment. Could game theory help?

White House Orders Federal Contractors to Limit Their Use of Foreign Workers

President Trump signed an executive order that requires agencies to review internally their contracting practices, but experts say there are questions on how it will be implemented. 

‘Thanks for Flying SpaceX’

After a successful splashdown, SpaceX is poised to take over the job of shuttling American astronauts to space.

They Warned OSHA They Were in 'Imminent Danger' at the Meat Plant. Now They’re Suing the Agency.

The suit by workers at Maid-Rite Speciality Foods in Pennsylvania employs a rarely used legal tool and is the latest in a growing chorus of complaints about how the federal agency charged with protecting workers has responded to COVID-19.

GovExec Daily: The PPE Supply Chain

CEO of QYK Brands Rakesh Tammabattula joins the show to explain how the federal government can help out suppliers and producers of protective equipment.