Dems warn of agency furloughs, layoffs if spending caps are not lifted

FBI agents, meat inspectors and others could face job cuts under the current fiscal 2025 spending plan, Democrats say.


‘Trailblazing’ federal leaders urge perseverance, authenticity to government interns

Panelists at an OPM event for interns praised federal DEI programs, which some congressional Republicans want to end.

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Martin O’Malley is on a one-year sprint to save Social Security

Despite shaking up the culture one of Washington’s most risk-averse agencies, the former governor said his biggest task is convincing Congress to reinvest in the Social Security Administration’s administrative overhead.


Embracing authenticity: A call to action for federal employees for Pride Month and Juneteenth

COMMENTARY | “Being authentic isn’t just ‘speaking your truth,’ it also means paying attention to the comfort level of others and respecting our own boundaries,” writes one long-time federal employee.


Burnout among government workers is decreasing but still high, according to new pulse survey data

Leader of the consulting firm that sponsored the poll says the burnout rate could cause public employees to leave their jobs.


Republicans block expanded in vitro fertilization coverage for feds in House and Senate

Senate Democrats failed to secure the 60 votes needed to bypass a GOP filibuster, while House Democrats saw a similar provision defanged in appropriations talks.


Republicans look to 'dismantle' DEI efforts at federal agencies

New bill would strike down President Biden's diversity efforts and create strict rules preventing such initiatives.


Lawmakers unveil a new plan to revamp federal wildfire prevention and mitigation

The Modernizing Wildfire Safety and Prevention Act would create a new Middle Fire Leaders Academy to rapidly bolster the ranks of federal wildland firefighters.


Put the telework debate to rest by focusing on productivity

COMMENTARY | Civil servants say telework improves productivity, but Congress wants data to prove it. Here’s one way OMB can reconcile the differences.


Court dismisses criminal charges against federal firefighter arrested while conducting official duties

The arrest and subsequent indictment of a federal supervisor doing his job had caused panic within the workforce and has some concerned the damage will be difficult to reverse.


Easing federal marijuana rules: There’s still a long way to go

The Drug Enforcement Administration typically looks at three factors when assessing how strictly to regulate a drug: its medicinal value, potential for abuse relative to other drugs and ability to cause physical addiction.


The 'silver tsunami' is here. Is government ready?

About 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. As the nation’s aging population continues to climb, states and the federal government are working to get plans in place to care for older adults.


Bush-era national security officials warn against Schedule F

In a letter to congressional committee staff directors, a cadre of former Republican appointees urged lawmakers to pursue a “middle ground” of federal employee accountability that preserves merit systems principles.


VA employees warn of stark consequences from hiring restrictions

New memorandum entrusts local VA leaders to make "difficult staffing decisions" as department looks to shed employees.


AG vows prosecution amid ‘unprecedented’ spike in threats against career civil servants

The Justice Department has set up a task force to investigate "heinous threats of violence" against federal workers.


EPA union ratifies contract to protect employees’ scientific integrity

The deal also locks in a maximum of four days per week of telework, though labor leaders said that the agency will likely want to renegotiate the benefit after two years.


Nuclear agency needs more insights into its workforce recruitment efforts, GAO says

A new report from the watchdog said that the National Nuclear Security Administration has made progress on addressing its staffing efforts, but continues to budget for a smaller workforce than it needs. 

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Supreme Court rules in favor of federal employee in furlough case

Feds may have more leeway on timing when appealing their employment cases to federal courts.


New regulation would allow some former feds to skirt conflict-of-interest contact requirement

A rule proposed in the Federal Register would allow for former senior employees of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response to have contact with HHS officials within the conflict-of-interest restriction period of one year.