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GovExec Daily: How to Handle – or Mishandle – Classified Documents

Lindy Kyzer joins the podcast to discuss what happens to a clearance holder if they find themselves in a pickle similar to the one former President Donald Trump finds himself in.

Ever since an Aug. 8 search warrant was exercised on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, the federal government’s classification process has been elevated into the national conversation. But, of course, most people who handle classified information – properly or not – are regular, non-former presidents. What happens to them?

Lindy Kyzer is the editor of ClearanceJobs.com, a former Defense Department employee and a GovExec contributor. She has a post on our site right now headlined “Here's What Can Happen When the Average Clearance Holder Mishandles Classified Information.” She joined the podcast to discuss her post and what happens when someone doesn’t handle classified info properly. 

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