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GovExec Daily: The Connection Between Mindfulness and Leadership

Andrew Feldman and Marc Margolius join the podcast to discuss mindfulness and management.

Leadership, particularly in the public sector, requires a slate of skills. Decision making, communication and many other strengths are key to managing people and mission. Underlying so many of these skills is mindfulness, even if it doesn’t immediately come to mind.

Andrew Feldman is the founder and principal consultant at the Center for Results-Focused Leadership, which helps public agencies use evidence, data and strategy to improve their results. He also hosts the Gov Innovator podcast.Rabbi Marc Margolius is the senior program director at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. He hosts the institute’s daily mindfulness meditation sessions and teaches an online program called “Awareness in Action” designed to cultivate character through mindfulness.  They  have a piece on our site right now headlined “Government Leadership and the Power of Mindfulness.”  They joined the podcast to discuss how mindfulness can help leaders in their jobs and lives.

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