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Zheping Huang


'Invest $500,000 and Immigrate to the U.S.': Trump’s Latest Conflict of Interest in China

Being none too shy about its Trump ties, Kushner Companies is touting a Jersey City real estate project to investors in China, who can get U.S. citizenship out of the deal.


Donald Trump and China’s President Finally Broke the Ice — By Snail Mail

In his letter to Xi, Trump wished the Chinese people a "happy Lantern Festival," though the Lunar New Year holiday period ended last week in China.


That Underwater Drone Trump Doesn’t Want Back? China Says It Might Have 'Valuable Information'

Chinese military experts say the drone could have been collecting intelligence on the Chinese navy.


It’s the CIA’s Fault — How Foreign Leaders Try to Discredit the Panama Papers

The Panama papers have put pressure on dozens of global politicians.