New pact moves Internet body toward independence

Body will no longer be required to report regularly to the Commerce Department; government will play advisory role.


U.S. needs harmonious IT standards, official says

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator says his agency seeks to use technology to help achieve the best health care at the lowest cost.


U.S. seeks improvements to sharing of security info

Officials would like European Union to share passenger data before planes take off, for instance.


Panel examines high-risk technology projects

Publicizing management watch list may distort its purpose, OMB official says.


Debate over e-voting is still plaguing elections

Some states and jurisdictions still have not complied with federal e-voting deadlines for the November election, national panel finds.


Radio-frequency tracking tags pose recycling challenge

EPA officials concerned about potential environmental impact of increased use of radio-frequency identification devices.


Web chat rooms center of FBI probe into terrorist plot

Agents say they uncovered plot by monitoring Internet postings.


Experts cautiously embrace adoption of wireless ID tags

Use of such technology has reduced government defense costs by millions, one expert says.


Law enforcers want help from social networking sites

Justice Department weighs mandating that Internet service providers retain data for defined period.


Military faces challenges in embracing technology

Challenges include developing tools and infrastructure, and changing the way people think about information sharing, military official says.


Lawmaker wary of progress in Defense IT transformation

Technology is essential to the United States retaining an edge on the battlefield, witnesses at House hearing say.


Justice Department responds to lawmakers' wiretapping probe

Answers are too vague and are hindering Congress’ oversight ability, key Democrat says.


Concerns about wireless tracking devices discussed

State Department plans to use such technology in passports starting this summer.


Labor issues rule affecting contractors’ hiring processes

Rule designed to prevent discrimination and to help companies follow affirmative action requirements.


FBI will not award technology upgrade contract until 2006

Extra time needed to ensure project is a success, official says.


NIST works on standards for emergency personnel

Project aimed at creating standards language that could be understood by all official emergency response groups.