The U.S. Now Suspects Russian Microwaves Caused Diplomats’ Brain Injuries

U.S. embassy workers in Cuba reported hearing chirping sounds before suffering headaches, memory and hearing loss, and difficulty sleeping.


A Tiny Hole in the Soyuz Spacecraft Could Be a Huge Headache for NASA

Quality control problems with the Soyuz will pile more pressure on the delayed efforts of Boeing and SpaceX to fly astronauts for NASA.


How The Space Force Took Over Washington

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Trump Is Hiding His Phone Calls To World Leaders From The Public

The White House will no longer provide public summaries of the president's calls.


A Toxic Fuel Leak On Boeing’s Spacecraft Will Ground U.S. Astronauts a Little Longer

NASA's attempt to hire a space taxi hits another speed bump. And more may be ahead for the vehicle intended to travel to the ISS.


Defense Contractors Are Helping Care for Detained Migrant Children

General Dynamics is helping to ensure the needs of unaccompanied children are met, but has no role in the family separation policy or construction of detention facilities.


NASA Is Going Back to Mars, And It's Going Deep

Data from the Mars InSight's sensors will enable planetary scientists to understand how Mars evolved.


The Military Will Award $10 Million To The Company That Can Launch Satellites On Short Notice

The Air Force is desperate to replace larger satellites that are vulnerable to attack, and fast.


Why a Meeting Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un Is So Risky

In international diplomacy, the leader-to-leader meeting is the highest level of commitment available.