GAO workforce reform bill passes Senate panel

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Back to the Future

The government still grapples with many of the same personnel problems it faced 25 years ago when the Civil Service Reform Act became law.

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Location, Location

Federal employees on Cape Cod make another attempt to win special locality pay.

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Salary council calls for 1.4 percent locality pay raise in 2004

Federal employees would receive a 2.7 percent across-the-board salary increase and a 1.4 percent locality pay increase in 2004 under a recommendation approved Tuesday by the Federal Salary Council.

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Paying for Protection

Lawmakers wants to close the gap in pay among federal law enforcement officers.


GSA reopens eTravel bid process


Putting the “e” into Easy Trip Planning


Defense moves to integrate pay systems

An initiative to integrate 79 military pay and personnel systems into one system moved forward Monday when Pentagon officials announced that Northrop Grumman would take the project into its implementation phase.

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Preemptive Strike

Veterans’ advocates try to squash a proposal that would severely limit vets’ benefits.


AID plagued by staffing problems

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Hurricane victims excused from work with pay

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Retirement Protection

Lawmakers boost retirement benefits for injured feds.