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Svati Kirsten Narula


Trump Ordered an Intelligence Report to Justify His Travel Ban. This is What He Got.

Citizenship is an “unlikely indicator” of an individual's threat to the U.S., it found.


Jimmy Carter Has a Few Suggestions For the Next President

Among his ideas: refresh the Supreme Court and reverse Citizens United.


NASA is Now Giving Behind-the-Scenes Tours to a Few Social Media Superfans

What the space agency lacks in federal money, it makes up for in buzz.


Trump: 'I Will Do More for Women Than Hillary Clinton'

According to Donald Trump, the only advantage Clinton has is "the woman card."


Starting in 2016, Women Can Be Navy SEALs

It won't be easy, says a Naval commander, but "[it's] the right thing to do."


Obama Might Head Back to Columbia University in 2017 — Maybe As a Professor

The school's newspaper is reporting that the president would have some sort of official presence at Columbia in the 2017 academic year.


Barack Obama Just Created The World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary

The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument is an existing protected area established by former president George W. Bush in 2009


To Be More Productive at Work, Put a Plant on Your Desk

The greening of offices that had previously been “lean” was associated with a 15% increase in productivity.