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Sarah Zhang

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Sarah Zhang is a staff writer at The Atlantic.
Sarah Zhang is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

Which Company Will Test the DNA of Separated Families?

And other unanswered questions about the HHS’s new plan to reunite migrants separated at the border.


1990s Law Limits CDC's Ability to Research Gun Violence As a Public Health Issue

Law was intended to prevent gun control advocacy, but has ended up preventing the agency from studying gun-related deaths.


Grand Canyon National Park Gives In to Creationist Suing for Religious Discrimination

The park will now allow Andrew Snelling, a young-Earth creationist geologist, to collect rocks for research.


What to Make of the Tunnel Collapse at a Nuclear Cleanup Site

The incident is only part of the slow-motion deterioration of one of the country's most contaminated places.


All the Ways Trump’s Budget Cuts Science Funding

From the EPA, to the NIH, and NASA, research is not a priority in the administration’s fiscal blueprint.


America's Nuclear-Waste Plan Is a Giant Mess

An explosion caused by cat litter at a storage site was just the beginning.


In Cold Offices, It's All About Your Feet

At Berkeley, researchers are studying how wearing flip-flops changes buildings' air-conditioning needs.