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Office of the Director of National Intelligence Now Requires Employees To Pretend Leaks Never Happened

All ODNI employees (both current and former) may not use any information from "known leaks, or unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information" in anything they release to the public.


Fort Hood Shooting May Have Been Over Leave Paperwork

Lopez allegedly requested leave for "family matters," and was angry when the request was denied.


The Secret Service Partied Too Much in Amsterdam

Three agents go on administrative leave after a night of drinking.


Navy Destroyer Will Stop Looking for Flight 370

Officials have decided that with the search area broadened significantly, long-range aircraft would be more efficient since they can cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time.


Most Lawmakers Who Promised To Donate or Withhold Their Salaries Actually Did it

Nearly $500,000 was donated to various charities and $87,400 was returned to the general treasury because of the government shutdown, according to a Washington Post report.


Navy Official Could Be New NSA Chief

News reports say Vice Adm. Mike Rogers, currently head of the Navy's cyber command, is a leading candidate to replace outgoing Gen. Keith Alexander.


Eric Holder Is Maybe Thinking About Talking to Edward Snowden's Lawyers

justice chief told MSNBC's Ari Melber he would "engage in conversations."


Congress May Finally Get Its Chance to Question Benghazi Survivors

FBI chief says he has no problem with lawmakers talking to survivors and witnesses.

Pay & Benefits

Obama's Other Job Doesn't Pay Like It Used To

This is the first year since he was elected that Obama has made more as a public servant than as an author.