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Randy Barrett


More R&D spending proposed, earmarks criticized

Overall science funding request is flat, but non-defense R&D nevertheless would be boosted 1.9 percent.


Administration releases details on competitiveness initiative

Energy Department to request $4.1 billion for program announced in State of the Union speech.


Cyber crime is growing more professional, officials say

Agencies are working together more closely to fight the problem but more cooperation is needed, acting chief of DHS’ cybersecurity division says.


New biometrics group focuses on frequent fliers

Group will advise the government on credentialing programs, including the registered traveler system.


Research funds headed for small, but noticeable, cuts

Cuts will leave most agencies’ research coffers flat, but are not as deep as some in science community had feared.


Science, tech programs fare well in 2006 spending bill

National Science Foundation slated to see a 3 percent increase over fiscal 2005.


Systems cannot combat flu pandemic, health officials say

Problem is not tracking influenza but getting critical information on outbreaks to doctors and local emergency responders.


Report: Patent office should become federal corporation

Agency needs CEO with strong business experience, says National Academy of Public Administration.


Legislation to elevate cybersecurity post may die in Senate

Measure could whither even though lawmakers, the private sector and government officials that Homeland Security must do more to prevent cyber attacks.


Homeland Security doles out research money

With $1 billion advanced research budget, the agency has awarded 200 contracts out of 7,000 proposals.