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Neil Munro


NIH director steers agency through tough times

Elias Zerhouni has used charm and deft political maneuvering to win and keep the support of Washington, industry and outside groups as he tries to rejuvenate the agency.


Technology cited as key to detection of immigration fraud

Complex reform bill passed by Senate would make system more vulnerable to abuse, critics say.


National Institutes of Health feels budget squeeze

Advocates say that NIH's purchasing power has fallen by roughly 10 percent since 2003.


Programs for disabled and blind facing increased scrutiny

Key senators say programs are well-intentioned but would benefit from better oversight.


HHS weighs relaxing restrictions on inmate testing

Looser rules would allow more social science research aimed at advancing prison reform.


Critics call for overhaul of program aimed at employing disabled

Advocates say Javits-Wagner-O'Day program saves taxpayers' money while providing jobs for people with severe disabilities.


NIH tries to balance scientists' interests with taxpayer interests

A recent congressional hearing on NIH exposed a conflict that pits taxpayer-funded scientists' interest in making discoveries against the taxpayers' desire for near-term therapies and ethical restraints on research.


Debate on NASA coming, but no big changes expected

Congress and the media are about to conduct a long debate over the merits of NASA's manned space program. But almost no observer believes that Congress will significantly change the program.


War and peace

The British army's experience as peacekeepers in Ireland offers lessons for the U.S. military in Iraq.


Bioterrorism preparedness plan expected this summer

Top administration officials intend to announce in June or July a comprehensive plan for defending the nation against biological warfare.


Goals of open government, cybersecurity in conflict

Everybody agrees that both open government and cybersecurity are generally good things. But pursuing the two goals at the same time may now prove difficult for the Bush administration.