Why the vote to suspend the debt ceiling didn't end the threat to the U.S. economy

Delaying the fight could make matters worse if it just puts the economy in a holding pattern for the next several months.


Analysis: The man who could save Obama's legacy

As Treasury secretary, Jack Lew would likely bring a tough stance to budget battles.


Thankless job awaits Jack Lew if he heads to Treasury

New chief must deal with a series of mini-cliffs, in a highly partisan environment.


Analysis: Newtown shooting provides perspective amid fiscal cliff

Congress returns with a more subdued attitude toward partisan bickering.


Can Boehner sell the GOP on Obama's new fiscal cliff offer?

Rank-and-file reaction will determine the speaker's leeway to cut a deal.


White House makes new fiscal cliff counteroffer to GOP

Proposal includes $200 billion in savings on discretionary programs.


Analysis: GOP movement on taxes still leaves huge budget quandary

$1 million threshold doesn’t clue Americans in on some long-term realities.


Boehner, Obama no closer to cliff deal after latest offers

The president and speaker remain hundreds of billions of dollars apart in talks.


The state of the Paul Ryan brand coming into the debate

Thursday night will serve as a national debut for the chairman of the House Budget Committee.


Who are the 47 percent?

Conservatives use the talking point to talk about the size of the federal government.


Chris Van Hollen gets a boost from Paul Ryan's rise

Maryland congressman will speak at Democratic National Convention.


Analysis: The legend of Simpson-Bowles

An updated deficit-reduction plan may be unveiled after the election.

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Are Americans ready for a real debate on the size of government?

As the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan passed two controversial budgets.


Romney's VP choice brings budget leadership experience

Paul Ryan has quickly developed strong rapport with presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.


Obama, Romney differ greatly on size of government

Presumptive GOP nominee pledges to slash non-defense spending, while president still seeks billions for infrastructure and transportation projects.


Republican budget proposal a political document

Plan offers few details on which 'wasteful' programs and agencies would be cut.


House GOP budget to avoid sequester of Defense funds

Lawmakers may target federal workforce for cuts instead.


Budget day arrives with low expectations

If history is a guide, the judgment that President Obama's budget is dead on arrival is probably accurate.