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Megan Garber


An Indelible Image From Trump's 'On Both Sides' Press Conference

Once again, the chief executive chose his own words over the ones that had been prepared for him.


‘Covfefe’: A Typo? A Conspiracy? A Metaphor for America?

According to Sean Spicer, President Trump's garbled late-night tweet was something much more than it seemed.


Are We Having Too Much Fun?

In 1985, Neil Postman observed an America imprisoned by its own need for amusement. He was, it turns out, extremely prescient.


'I’m Moving You to BCC'

Etiquette experts on the small mercies we can grant each other over email


Hillary Clinton, Tracy Flick, and the Reclaiming of Female Ambition

The woman president has long been a feature of American pop culture. The woman candidate, though, is rarer—and even more fraught.


Casual Friday and the ‘End of the Office Dress Code’

The day—a celebration of conformity disguised as a celebration of individuality—helped to bring about the current dominance of “business casual.”


Here's Why Carly Fiorina Was the Consensus Debate Winner

The only female candidate on the GOP debate stage proved she could hang with the boys—but also represent “women all over this country.”


A Little Ship Just Saved the International Space Station

Meet the Georges Lemaître, which helped the orbiting laboratory—currently home to six humans—to avoid a potentially disastrous collision with space junk.


Wait, Why Another 'Czar'?

To fight Ebola, President Obama has appointed the U.S.'s latest ... Russian emperor? Here's a brief history of a strange title.


Why Presidents Are Also Celebrities

The Roosevelts transformed the United States—and made its leaders into stars.


Irradiated Turkey, Thermostabilized Yams: Thanksgiving Dinner in Space

If you're celebrating the holiday outside of Earth, you'll enjoy a bird that "resembles sliced deli meat" and stuffing that has "a broth-heavy, institutional flavor."


Space Is Now a Reality TV Show

Chris Hadfield's return from the International Space Station marks a new era for the final frontier.


Would You Take a One Way Ticket to Mars?

Mars One is not the first project hoping to permanently go where no man has gone before.


What Does the Sun Sound Like?

A NASA fellow searches for sounds lost in the vacuum.


Women in combat: An idea whose time has come, aided by technology

Many of the arguments against "bands of sisters" are moot. In part because of improved tools.