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Max Nisen


Study: There is a Downside For Organizations That Allow Working From Home

When fewer people work in the office, they don’t get the social or productivity benefits they expect from being around friends, close colleagues, and managers.


Why Getting a Referral Is So Powerful In a Job Search

It's always important to tap into your employees' professional networks.


Recruiters Read a Tiny Part of Your Résumé, If They Read It At All

Obsessing over a perfect résumé is often a waste of time — time better spent making connections.


The Risk of Letting Employees Know Where They Rank Versus Their Peers

If your organizational culture is more collaborative, doing so could hurt performance.


The Case For Intense Background Checks For Hires

Research firm Muddy Waters has adopted a distinctive hiring process which relies on outside researchers to poke holes in candidates’ backstories.