HUD Spent $31,000 on a Dining Set for Carson's Office

A senior official at the agency says she was demoted for refusing to spend above legal limits for the secretary's office redecoration.


Rick Gates is The Fifth Person To Plead Guilty in Trump-Russia Probe

The move increases pressure on Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chair and Gates's mentor.


Analysis: The Republican Campaign To Discredit the FBI—Explained

The Trump administration and its supporters are following the well-worn path of aiming to discredit those probing the White House.

Pay & Benefits

Trump’s Bureaucracy is Nearly as White, Male, and Unequal as His Cabinet

Trump's mid-level appointees are 27 percentage points whiter and 13 points more male than the country as a whole.


A List of the Trump Administration’s Security Breaches So Far

Revealing classified information to top Russian officials was but the latest in a string of lapses since Trump took office.


More Than Half the World’s Population Still Doesn’t Have a U.S. Ambassador

Some of the U.S.'s most important foreign partners, including China, India, Japan, the U.K., and Canada, don't have a top representative.


The Top U.S. Diplomat No Longer Receives Visits From Other Top Diplomats

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was only told about the Mexican foreign minister's visit the night before and didn't get to meet him.


Donald Trump Used His Club’s Restaurant as a Situation Room This Weekend

After North Korea launched a ballistic missile, Trump strategized in front of dozens of diners at Mar-a-Lago.


Trump Postpones Announcement About Separating His Business Interests From the Presidency

Trump’s failure to exit his business gives the Electoral College a legitimate reason to vote him down, experts say.


A Moderate, a Loyalist or a Hardliner— Who is on Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Shortlist?

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and ex-New York mayor Rudy Giuliani are near the top of the possible picks.