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Martin Matishak


Deficit committee should cut nuclear arms, lawmaker says

Edward Markey and 64 other House Democrats are calling for a major atomic-arsenal rollback.


Senate holds up nominee for State Department nonproliferation bureau

The office manages efforts to halt the proliferation and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction.


Homeland Security cancels troubled radiation detector effort

The agency spent roughly $230 million over five years attempting to develop and field the monitoring system.


House approves $1 billion cut to nuclear agency funding

Most of the reductions would impact NNSA's nonproliferation and weapons accounts.


Appropriators back $1 billion decrease in nuclear agency budget

Figure is $1.1 billion below Obama's initial $11.7 billion request for NNSA.


U.S. needs effective counter-WMD strategy, Defense official says

President Obama has identified countering WMD threats as a top national security goal.


House panel cuts more than $1 billion from nuclear agency budget

Subcommittee agrees to $1.1 billion less than Obama's initial request for U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration.


Nuclear agency releases strategic plan for next decade

Nonproliferation and modernization of arsenal top list of priorities.


Obama administration readying to make case for test ban treaty

Officials say the bargaining in Senate could intensify over the coming months.


Nuclear agency expected to stay open during any government shutdown

Contractors and federal employees would continue to work, Energy Department says.


Lawmakers issue bipartisan call to protect nuclear agency funding

Panel members suggest agency budget is a national security issue.


Senior lawmakers wary of nuclear agency budget increase

Obama budget would give agency a 5 percent funding hike to $11.8 billion.


Obama seeks more money for NNSA, less for key nonproliferation efforts

Nuclear security agency is in line for a nearly $2 billion increase over its enacted fiscal 2010 budget.


White House, scientists discuss biological threats

Meeting could be the first in a series of talks designed to inform the administration's evolving strategy on bioterrorism.