NASA Declares a Beloved Mars Mission Over

The space agency will stop trying to contact the Opportunity rover, which was sent to Mars to search for evidence of water.


Trump's Space Ambitions Are Too Big for One President

The reality of space travel squashed his impulsive desire to reach Mars in his first term, rather than the 2030s.


Don’t Blame the Government Shutdown for SpaceX Delays

The impasse in Washington hasn’t yet threatened a significant milestone in the American space program.


NASA Administrator on Elon Musk: ‘That Was Not Appropriate Behavior’

Jim Bridenstine recently told the SpaceX founder he doesn’t want NASA contractors engaging in questionable behavior.


If Everyone Left the International Space Station

For the first time in 18 years, a launch failure presented an unsettling possibility.


Trump's Space Force Faces an Uncertain Fate

Congressional lawmakers, including Republicans, were skeptical of the idea long before the midterms.


The Republican Space Fans Exiting the House

The next Congress will be missing a few longtime advocates of exploration.


An Ode to the Spacecraft That Filled the Galaxy With Planets

NASA’s beloved exoplanet-searching mission has run out of fuel, but not before enriching our understanding of the cosmos.


Trump's NASA Administrator: ‘No Reason’ to Dismiss U.N. Climate Report

In a wide-ranging interview, Jim Bridenstine explains his plans for NASA, the nerve-wracking Soyuz launch failure, and his views on climate change.


Hubble’s Hardware Woes and the Painful Era of Aging Spacecraft

Four of NASA’s most recognizable missions are in “safe mode” or unable to communicate with Earth.


NASA’s Beloved Mars Rovers Are Having a Rough Year

One was felled by a dust storm. And now the other has been sidelined by a technical glitch.


What the Heck Happened on the International Space Station?

The puzzling story of a mysterious malfunction 250 miles above Earth.


Hawaii’s Biggest Hurricane Threat in More Than Two Decades

“I’ve not seen such dramatic changes in the forecast track as I’ve seen with this storm.”


SpaceX Pulls Ahead of Boeing in the Race to Fly American Astronauts

NASA says both companies are behind schedule—but one is closer to the finish line.


Too Much of a Good Thing at NASA

The agency’s culture of optimism is essential for launching people and robots into space. But it can lead to problems with budgets and deadlines.


Who Should Pay for the Mistakes on NASA’s Next Big Telescope?

The space agency has always coughed up the extra cash, but some politicians wonder if the contractor responsible for major errors should pitch in.


Trump’s Space Force Will Have to Wait

The president has called for the creation of a new military branch. So far, Congress is ignoring him.