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Lindy Kyzer


Half of Security Clearance Holders Are Under Continuous Evaluation

If you have an active security clearance and you’re not currently enrolled in CE, you likely soon will be.


Your Security Clearance and Protests: What You Need to Know

You’re free to take to the streets or social media with your concerns—just don’t get arrested.


5 Reasons to Switch Jobs During a Pandemic

Most people are reluctant to change jobs during an economic downturn, but that may not be the best approach right now.


It Pays to Work In the Nation’s Capital

Working in or for the federal government, especially in Washington, looks like a good bet during the pandemic.


Telework Should Be an Option for Some Workers With Security Clearances

The reality is that many positions require a security clearance because of where the work is conducted, not the work itself.


The Holiday Gifts That Could Get Feds In Trouble

Think twice about genetic testing kits and products derived from the cannabis plant.


It’s Time to Reform Intelligence Community Hiring Practices

“We have got to figure out how we can compete for talent more efficiently and effectively,” said Erin Reitkopp, human capital program manager at ODNI.


OPM Cuts Security Clearance Backlog in Half, But Processing Delays Spell Trouble for Pentagon

The National Background Investigations Bureau is barreling through the backlog of clearance applications as the Defense Department prepares to take over the function in October.


Security Clearance Backlog Drops By Nearly 40%

Attention is shifting to processing times and rolling out continuous evaluation to the entire clearance population.


Criminal Referrals for Leaks of Sensitive Government Information Have Surged

The number of criminal prosecutions for leakers only scratches the surface of those who disclose government secrets, however.


If the Shutdown Derails Your Finances, It Could Affect Your Security Clearance

Don’t panic, but don’t go on a shopping spree either. Money issues cause more clearance denials and revocations than all other issues combined.


The Staggering Numbers Behind the Security Clearance Backlog

There’s progress, but the fact remains that the number of investigations sitting before the National Background Investigations Bureau is overwhelming.


The Government Can Access Your Credit Report, Even If You’ve Frozen It

Agencies requesting background investigations from the National Background Investigations Bureau no longer need to tell subjects to unfreeze their credit.


The White House Can Revoke Anyone’s Security Clearance

President Trump is thinking about revoking the clearances of a host of former officials who have criticized his policies.