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Lindy Kyzer is the editor of
Lindy Kyzer is the editor of

Continuous vetting identifies risks earlier, and is getting ready to roll out across government

COMMENTARY | If there is an issue that could be flagged, federal employees should report it now, and get help, an expert says.


A government shutdown is a catalyst event that can increase the possibility of insider threat incidents

COMMENTARY | As another government shutdown looms it’s a reminder that risks happen when you’re least prepared, writes one observer.


National security needs ‘whole people,’ not perfect people

COMMENTARY | The whole person concept is one of the most critical elements of the security clearance process, and one of the most vitally important ones to improving communication around mental health and wellness, writes one observer.


Leading the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency may be a job no one wants – but it’s an important one

COMMENTARY | “It’s vitally important that the Defense Department onboard the right person for the job, to continue to keep the workforce stabilized and growing,” writes one observer.


Congress Doesn’t Know How to Count the Number of National Security Professionals and That’s a Problem

Instead of addressing data security or IT policies around protecting classified information, Congress goes after numbers.


Say Good-bye to the Security Clearance Status Quo

New reporting benchmarks and aggressive clearance processing timelines are some of the reforms underway.


National Security Compensation Sees a Significant Increase

With the economy under pressure from rising costs, people with active federal security clearances are pushing for higher compensation.


‘Tis the Season: Holiday Hang-Ups That Can Hurt Your Cleared Career

Gone are the days when you could get a little too merry and hope your employer would never know.


Social Media Monitoring in the Security Clearance Process

What – if anything – is the government considering in an online search of security clearance applicants?


The Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill Gives Hints to 2023’s Security Clearance Policy Priorities

There are a few issues highlighted in the bill that are of particular relevance to the government workforce.


Dropping the Price Point for Doing Background Investigations May Help Improve Vetting

Reducing costs and improving investigation quality has been a key goal of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.


Is the Security Clearance Process Keeping Diverse Candidates from Fed Jobs?

There are very human, and very distinct elements to making the cut as a national security worker.


Can Feds Comment on Roe v. Wade?

The Hatch Act limits political speech, but not personal opinions expressed about politically charged topics.


Want to Get Or Keep Your Security Clearance? File Your Taxes

Failure to file taxes displays both a financial and rules-following hubris which can be a particularly painful hurdle for getting or keeping a cleared job.


Fed Workers Should Be Careful About Donating Directly to Ukraine’s Military

Donations to an overseas government or agent have to be reported, and federal employees are responsible for ensuring their donation goes where it should.


Fixing The Security Clearance Process Has Not Been Forgotten

While security clearance topics might not be making headlines, the process – and how to improve it – remains a priority across government.


The Future of Work Is Flexible

Even for national security workers, remote work options will be more prevalent in the post-COVID era.

Pay & Benefits

How ‘Degree Discrimination’ Can Affect Feds’ Pay

As long as the majority of federal positions require degrees, opening up opportunities to pursue higher education will be key to creating a more diverse workforce.