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Lindsey Boerma


Gingrich unofficially concedes GOP nomination to Romney

At a campaign stop, candidate tells supporters to unite around presumptive nominee.


Ron Paul calls rival GOP candidates 'chicken hawks'

Paul wins standing ovations in Illinois for calls to bring troops home.


Postal service plans to slash 120,000 jobs, withdraw from federal benefits

Congressional approval is required to activate the plan that, if passed, would be a historic and devastating precedent for the U.S. labor movement.


GOP lawmaker supports 'grand bargain' to reduce deficit

Congressional super committee will face an uphill battle reaching agreement on cuts, Rep. Peter King says.


GOP lawmakers tout Constitutional amendment to require balanced budget

Reps. Eric Cantor and Jim Jordan argue that the constitutional fix would carry weight.


Senator suggests new member for ‘Gang of Six’ budget negotiators

Kirk nominates Ohio's Portman to replace Coburn, who quit the group earlier this week.


‘Let the debate begin,’ senator says in op-ed on budget talks

After leaving 'Gang of Six' negotiations, Sen. Coburn says he believes a deal still can be struck.


Wisconsin Senate limits collective-bargaining rights of public unions

A conference committee stripped all of the spending measures out of the bill and sent it back to the Senate.


Walker calls Dems' 'border meeting' request 'ridiculous'

Wisconsin governor says he has been negotiating "for days" to end state's stalemate on collective bargaining.


AWOL over? Wisconsin Dems reportedly ask to meet with Gov. Walker

Returning to the state would allow the Republican-controlled chamber to pass the bill.


Battles over employee bargaining rights escalate

Wisconsin, it seems, is just the beginning.