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Linda Miller


The Wheels that Squeak: Why Preventing Fraud is Not a Government Priority

Agency leaders need more institutional incentives to manage fraud, waste, and abuse in their programs systemically, argues one former member of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.


Agencies Must Address Billions Lost Through Erroneous Payments

Total improper payments have steadily increased since 2013 by $100 billion, from $106 billion to $206 billion.


What I Learned Helping Lead Oversight of $5 Trillion in Pandemic Relief

Large scale identity theft-based fraud in unemployment assistance stunned many, even those who fight fraud for a living.


The Insidious Threat of Pay to Play

The government contracting world is deeply vulnerable to fraud, says a former federal investigator.


Is Investing in Fraud Prevention a Smart Financial Decision?

Agencies are often reluctant to proactively manage fraud, possibly because they have no idea how big a problem it is.