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Leslie Josephs


Laptops and Tablets Have Been Banned from Being Used on 56 Routes to the U.S.

Passengers will be required to pack larger electronics into their checked luggage.


A Federal Agency Wants to Ban Swimming with Hawaii's Dolphins

Spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return closer to land to rest during the day."


The CDC Issued a Narrow Travel Advisory for Zika in Florida, but Its Effects Could be Widespread

Travel warnings are a tricky business. When too broad, officials run the risk of alarmism; too light and they can be cast as negligent.


The CDC Has Issued a Travel Advisory for a Zika Virus-stricken Area of Miami

"We do expect additional infections to be reported," said CDC director Tom Frieden.


The U.S. Government Has Banned Flights To and From Turkey

Turkish Airlines says it's operations are back. The U.S. government says otherwise.


The Bahamas' Government is Warning Travelers to the US to Use 'Extreme Caution' Around Police

Advisory comes in the wake of killings of black males by police and the fatal shooting by a sniper of five police officers in Dallas.


Frequent-Flyer Programs Are Too Complicated to Understand, the Transportation Department Has Concluded

At issue is the system airlines use to determine how many miles travelers need to redeem for a ticket.