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Making It Count

The Census Bureau ramps up to tally each and every U.S. resident in 2010.

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FEMA's Makeover

Acquisition chief Deidre Lee is getting ready for the next Katrina.

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Straight Shooter

Paul Denett offers an inside view of competitive sourcing.


Cargo-scanning subcontract spurs ‘Buy American’ dispute

Subcontractors have few avenues to appeal prime contractor's apparent decision to buy mobile scanners from a partnership of Chinese and American companies.

2006 Chiefs Directory

Slow Start

Three years after their creation, chief acquisition officers are hard to find.


Justice settles procurement case, launches anti-fraud effort

Deputy attorney general starts national, interagency initiative for battling procurement fraud.


TSA begins virtual training for contracting officers

Acquisition “boot camp” will last eight months; new concept could be expanded to other agencies.

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Free Speech and AIDS

Groups that receive government funding to fight HIV/AIDS refuse to sign anti-prostitution pledge.



How the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched the biggest program in its history.


Convicted ex-procurement chief granted sentencing delay

Prosecutors set to argue that David Safavian lied at his trial, which could result in a longer sentence.

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Defining Disability

Some veterans question giving the edge to service-disabled contractor bids.

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Ups and Downs

VA Secretary R. James Nicholson bends priorities to new customer needs and business risks.


Judge denies new trial for ex-procurement chief

David Safavian, a former senior administration official, will be sentenced in one month.


Nonprofit group tests new contracting tools

Agencies, companies join forces to improve post-award contract management.


Ex-procurement chief argues for new trial

Lawyer for David Safavian says his conviction on obstruction of justice charges was unfair because hearsay was admitted as evidence.


Best Bets

Top contracting shops share their secrets.

Top 200 Contractors

No Surprises

Civilian agencies fumbled emergency procurements last year; now they’re looking ahead so they’ll be prepared.

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Returns on Risk

Funds related to defense and homeland security pick up steam.


Veteran-owned businesses squabble over definitions

GAO upholds set-aside contract even though winner didn’t qualify at time of award.

Leadership Profile

Contracting Czar