Moody's threatens U.S. debt downgrade

Rating agency's call for "substantial deficit reduction” fuels arguments that budget cuts should be added to debt ceiling vote.


Obama directive would politicize contracting, senator says

Maine Republican Susan Collins calls White House order unconstitutional.

Pay & Benefits

States face $1.26 trillion in retiree benefit shortfalls

Pew report suggests the funding gap is climbing year-to-year.


Ryan: Obama's 'vision' would leave seniors poor, out in the cold

In op-ed piece, Budget Committee chairman gives rebuttal to 'rhetorically heated but substantively hollow' speech.


Former White House, congressional leaders call for faster appointment process

They back a bill working its way through the Senate that would exempt 200 positions from formal confirmation.


Van Hollen rips Ryan budget

Maryland House member gives few details of Dems' alternative but vows to restore Clinton-era tax rates.


Deficit commission's final plan released

Strategy is more detailed than a draft the panel's chairmen floated in early November, but contains few fundamental changes.


Bipartisan Policy Center plan proposes sales tax to tackle deficit

To address the current state of the economy, the plan calls for an ambitious economic stimulus in the form of an immediate Social Security payroll tax holiday for 2011.