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Kathy Stack


Biden's Opportunity to Make Performance Reporting Work a Lot Better

The White House should go beyond simply reversing what the previous administration did and use data to improve outcomes through true results-driven governance.


It’s Time to Fix the Frayed Relationships Feds Have With States and Localities

Program implementation is as important as underlying policy. A new focus on intergovernmental collaboration could foster innovation and improve outcomes.


Coming Soon: A Short Window for Improving Federal Agencies’ Performance

For career executives, the time between the presidential election and the inauguration is an opportunity to use evidence and data to advise incoming political appointees on what works and what doesn't.


Why Agencies Need to Spend a Little to Gain a Lot

Innovation funds have the potential to turn up effective and less expensive ways to confront today's challenges.


The Missing Piece in OMB’s Push for High-Value Government

The administration should seize the opportunity to catalyze high-value work at all levels of government.