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John Metcalfe


Watch the Grim, Ongoing Loss of the Arctic's Historical Ice

According to NASA, the Arctic had 1.2 million square miles of old ice in the 1980s. Today it has just 68,350.


NASA: The Earth Gets Scorched With Back-to-Back Hottest Months

August and July tied for the warmest months globally in 136 years of records.


NOAA: The Earth Has Endured 14 Straight Months of Record-Breaking Heat

Such an extreme warming spell has never occurred in nearly 140 years of observations.


The U.S. Enters a Historic 10-Year 'Hurricane Drought'

A major hurricane not making landfall for this long only happens once every 270 years, according to NASA.


NOAA: The U.S. Looks Due for a Scorching Summer

Forecasts show above-average chances for high heat on both coasts and in Alaska.


NOAA: The U.S. Hits a Never-Before-Seen Milestone for Warmth

This March saw every single climate division reporting above-average temperatures.


A Stupendous Government Satellite Animation of the Solar Eclipse

“I am not aware of anybody ever capturing the full eclipse in one set of images or video,” says a NASA scientist.


NOAA Maps the Warmest Days in America

With scorching temperatures on both coasts, parts of America are suffering through a late-season heat wave.


NOAA Has Mapped a Desktop Model of Earth

Gloriously popping graphics show CO2 transport, real-time earthquakes, space trash, and tons of other neat stuff.


NOAA Maps The Raging Future of American Wildfires

The risk of major blazes could increase 600 percent by mid-century, say scientists.


Animation: Watch the Remarkable Expansion of American Obesity

A new graphic using CDC data shows larger waistlines across the United States.


More Than 143 Million Americans Are at Risk From Earthquakes

That’s almost double a 2006 U.S. Geological Survey estimate of 75 million.