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Elaine S. Povich


Same Mission, Different Pay for National Guard

Benefits for National Guard members vary widely from state to state.


TSA Agents to Warn Travelers On Real ID Deadline

Air passengers without Real IDs will hear from TSA agents at the check-in podium.


Look-alike Census mailings targeted by House measure

Bill takes aim at bogus fliers that could discourage people from returning the authentic forms.


Panel approves bill calling for a federal grants Web site

OMB would be in charge of creating the site.


Senate committee backs measure to reduce payment errors

Bill contains provisions to reward agencies that are doing a good job of recovering improper payments and punish those that aren't making enough progress.


Panel OKs ban on contracts with felon-owned building security firms

Legislation was introduced after hearings last year revealing that one of the managers at a troubled Washington-area firm hired by the Federal Protective Service had a criminal history.


Homeland Security panel clears procurement bill

Lawmakers want to encourage contractors that don’t usually do business with the government to develop cutting-edge security technology.


Panel votes to allow veterans to seek care closer to home

Bill would allow some who live more than 60 miles away from a VA hospital to receive services at a local facility.


Bill seeks to ease disruptions caused by military service

Measure would require universities to refund tuition for service members who cannot complete course work because they were called to active duty.


GAO official says political influence not isolated at Interior

Investigator says four more department officials might have interfered in endangered species decisions for political reasons.


Senate committee lambastes Transportation chief

Budget hearing turns into gripe session about cuts to small-town flights and failure of general aviation community to agree to higher user fees.


House subpanel approves border patrol technology

Bill also calls for pilot projects to determine the efficacy of technologies such as unmanned aircraft.


Homeland Security officials say government unprepared for dirty bomb

Investigation finds that United States has shortage of labs to test individuals exposed to radiation after an attack.


House panel votes to bar outsourcing of tax debt collections

Bill passes 23-18, over Republican objections.


House science panel backs increase in airport security funding

Bill would strengthen the FAA’s Joint Planning and Development Office, which has the responsibility for developing the next generation of airport transportation systems.


Health officials get share of blame for handling of TB case

CDC director says her agency erred on the side of "giving the patient the benefit of the doubt."


Labor secretary grilled over 2008 budget

Appropriator also takes department to task for awarding too many non-competitive contracts.


CIA nominee questioned on citizen surveillance

Senators upset at lack of early disclosure on spying program; also grill Michael Hayden on faulty pre-Iraq war intelligence.


Senate panel narrowly approves fiscal 2007 budget plan

Blueprint would boost discretionary spending about 3.6 percent over this year, with the bulk of the increase going toward defense.