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Drew Clark


FCC asked to investigate agencies' video news releases

Clips of videos created by federal agencies have been broadcast frequently on local news programs without reference to the fact that they were produced by the government.


President Bush appoints new FCC chief


FCC Chairman Powell announces resignation

His four-year term was dominated by deregulation and indecency debates.


FCC commissioner seeks disclosure of government-paid journalists

Communications laws barring "payola" to radio stations also covers journalists, says Jonathan Adelstein.


Veterans Affairs spurs smart-card growth

"OneVA" card complies with a recent presidential directive requiring agencies to use a single smart card with the best technology available.


Tech-related programs receive funding in omnibus bill

Some receive lower appropriations than sought by industry.


Database firm rejects TSA's pre-screening approach

ChoicePoint CEO Derek Smith says the airline passenger pre-screening system in development is too much like the controversial Terrorism Information Awareness data-mining project.