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David Yanofsky


An Inside Look At How Trump’s Infamous Jobs Day Tweet Roiled Some Government Economists

"The email subject lines run the gamut: "Interesting," "In case you didn't see this," "Holy moley," "Breach by POTUS," "Is it OK for us now too?"


Judge Rules Commerce Cannot Charge Exorbitant Fees to Access Immigration Data

The department had been trying to charge $16,770 for the most recent year of data.


Laptops and Tablets Have Been Banned from Being Used on 56 Routes to the U.S.

Passengers will be required to pack larger electronics into their checked luggage.


Trump’s Immigration Order Doesn’t Affect Citizenship Applications

Nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen can still become American citizens.


The Transportation Department's Fix For Airlines’ Tech Problems is to Do Nothing

Airlines are already highly motivated to avoid situations like Delta is experiencing.


The Government is Finding Few Buyers For Its Paywalled Immigration Data

The US government says it doesn't want to release data about who's entering the country because it charges for that information. But no one has purchased access to the databases in more than two years, records reveal.


Trump May Be the Military’s Least-Liked GOP Presidential Candidate in a Long Time

Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush all polled higher, according to Military Times surveys.


Relax, Your Driver’s License Will Still Be Accepted at Airport Security

DHS says it "will ensure the public has ample advanced notice" before changing the requirements for airport security identification requirements.


Don’t Hate Mondays — They’re the Best Day to Apply For a Job

The next time you find yourself with "a case of the Mondays" act fast and apply for a job—it's the best odds you'll get all week.


The Justice Department is Investigating Airfare Price Collusion

Since the latest batch of airline consolidation began in 2008, airfares have mostly outstripped inflation.


Workers Are Taking World Cup Breaks, and We Have the Data to Prove It

Using conference calls as a proxy for productivity, the impact of a World Cup match on US business is clear.


A Brief History of the US Government’s Awful Graphic Design

For as much as feds use PowerPoint, we're pretty bad at it.