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Corine Hegland


Bailout brings massive hiring, oversight challenges

Rescue effort is likely to require 1,000 additional highly-skilled civil servants and at least as many contractors.


After Gonzales, Justice seeks to regain trust of employees

Successor's job, department officials say, will be to improve morale at headquarters and U.S. attorneys' offices.


Pentagon, State struggle to define nation-building roles

As the Pentagon moves to fill short-term gaps, it is pushing to get civilian agencies the money and authorizations they need.

Leadership Profile

Facing the Big Guns


The Decision Makers: Intelligence Agencies

A look at the leaders of the agencies that make up the federal intelligence community.


Reinventing Iraq will require bureaucratic overhaul

The good news is that Iraq has robust governmental institutions. The bad news is that rebuilding the country after the war will require dismantling them.


INS registration spurs Muslim activism


Three departments offer important lessons on reorganization

The last three Cabinet departments to be cobbled together from scattered components—Defense, Transportation, and Energy—all offer important lessons for today.