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Claire Leavitt

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, Grinnell College


Congress Investigates Presidents, the Military, Baseball and Whatever It Wants – a Brief Modern History of Oversight

The House GOP has announced a slew of investigations, including a review of the conduct of the Department of Justice and its investigations of Donald Trump.


Jan. 6 Committee’s Fact-Finding and Bipartisanship Will Lead to An Impact in Coming Decades, if not Tomorrow

A lot of facts have come forward through the efforts of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol. What will its efforts mean to the U.S.?


How a Public Hearing Is Different from An Investigation – and What that Means for the Jan. 6 Committee

On the eve of public hearings held by Congress’ January 6 investigative committee, a former oversight staffer for the House of Representatives explains what such hearings aim to accomplish.